Suda's tips/ video guide to Evolve (in progress)


Suda here giving a huge video guide to all the hunters and monsters and things that will be added in time. I have decided to give tips and strategy with all the hunters to help the community and new comers looking for an easy way to learn quickly and keep up with the learning curve and to do this I am basically only going to be playing as that hunter for a couple days and figure out what works best with what and what does not as well as damage on the weapons and other misc tips. If you want to contribute or have questions you want addressed I will be more then happy to help out with testing or future videos.

Hyde Guide/ Tips

Monsters (Coming Soon)

General/ Wildlife Prevention (Also coming soon)


So I like the idea behind this thread if you can get people to view it who would benefit. Also in your Hyde video when you were discussing his mini gun you mentioned it would benefit from markers from Laz and Torvald. Laz sure but considering Hyde is an assault just as Torvald is that scenario is impossible. Besides that keep up the work and good luck getting the videos out there.


… ._. It never came to my mind and I had to watch the video like 15 times while editing it. The first part the intro was scripted while the other part was live commentary I was supposed to say Cabot if I caught it when I should I would of changed it thank you for catching it for later videos ill be more careful you are amazing!


All good just in the video description tell them you meant Cabot instead and also would be a good idea to say what patch you are using as of the video recording and upload.


I was going to say the stuff about patches but then I might need to address micro patches and when they come out and it is kinda confusing when they come out and it a ton of work for a simple sentence. I can try but I would really need to get them all logged in when they come out.


I was thinking maybe just a short description just saying as of recording the values are from patch 2.0.1 or 2.1.0


That I can easily do.


Val, or Laz points work. :smile:


How do you like the format of the videos and how they are structured minus the one mistake I had?