Success at last!


I have finally convinced the parents to let me buy EVOLVE!!!

Digital Deluxe edition baby. Here I come!!!

Definitely gonna be seeing some hoot Goliath Magma action!

Side note, which skin will you guys be using? Master skin (once unlocked) or the magma preorder skins?


Default skin. The original and the best. Plus nobody else will use it, so I’ll be…hip.

And congratulations on the persuasion of your family! Happy Hunting.


I like the Albino ones but will probably stick with classic most of the time, that’s what they’re designed to look like.


Damn. I guess I’m not cool anymore. :cry:


lol =D

I hope (maybe in the PC version or something?) that modded skins could become available. Just imagine a Godzilla skin for goliath, or a hydralisk skin for the Wraith? :grin:


TRS said they’d try for modding support, but due to CryTek licencing issues, it may not be possible.


Master skin. At least until I can get that Goliath wendigo skin.


sadface D=


I’m going to petition the devs bring back the old elite skins. I got that elite Goliath in the alpha and loved it. I was really sad that they changed it :cry:.


YES. I will join you! And also for the old Hunter Elite Skins. I need Black Medic Weapons.


I mean it’s not like they have to make anything new. The files are already there; just pop them back in the game. That’s shouldn’t be too hard right @MacMan :wink:?


According to our dear MacMan, they weren;t quite done yet, and I don’t want to be ungrateful or pile p work on them…

If we got a certain number of people to agree, would you consider it @MacMan?


I like Magma skin for Goliath. Who cares if I’m easier to spot? It’s your guy’s funeral >:)

I kid, I kid… I’ll only brutally maim, or cripple, perhaps… gotta save ya for the Baby Goliaths, I’ve eaten enough!