Subtitles for monster players


I think the subtitles should be disabled for monster players. Why? Ok I’ll tell you why. For the same reason that Maggie’s voice when she was throwing the dome the monster could hear it. If your trying to sneak up on monster it tells them hank-cloaking it’s a dead giveaway


Well its not like we can’t hear them shouting everything
Lel, Hank, ur silleh.

Subtitles are only there if the monster can hear you.
So removing them won’t change much.
Unless the monster player is deaf of course.
But I digress.


Plus also it tells the monster when there shield is running out


Well it’s obvious it helps them cause every uk monster with perfect speaking English has them enabled. It just seems a little to helpful


I have it enabled because I play late at night with no volume so I don’t wake anyone in my house up.
Do they help?
Of course, playing with no audio is pretty much crippling.
Does it give me an advantage?
No, because if I had volume up, I would have been able to hear it.
Subtitles are only shown if the monster player is within the audible range.
Only difference is I read it instead of hearing it.


Quite annoying…

You would think they would talk over mics in game. Instead, you hear half conversations in the game. Teammates are too far away, so you’re hearing yourself talk to yourself.

Doesn’t help that they yell to be quiet, when trying to sneak up on the monster. With their tech, you would think they could afford a com system or something. That way, they wouldn’t have to yell.

Then you have them claim “Shh, keep radio chatter to a minimum.” What radio chatter? We don’t use it, because we yell, and give our position away.

This is ridiculous.


They use radios for everything except for the “Triggerable” conversations.
Everything else is heard over a radio talk type dealy.
For example: Val 100 meters away, fires upon a Reaver, Hank hears a “Radio” version of Val saying “Firing on an angry something” (love that line)
However, the monster near Hank cannot hear it.
Its weird.
I just think that the Cloaking lines should be removed, like, wtf, you’re being stealthy, don’t shout that you’re being stealthy.


Yea fair enough I agree with that. They should remove certain lines. Like cloaking. Or shield running low. Cause let’s be honest monsters can’t understand English


Actually, Macman confirmed they can. they were debating on whether or not to have the monsters hear what the hunters are saying, but he said it made monster players feel too isolated and victimized due to that, so they let them understand human speech to give us that sort of “intelligence” feel from the monsters.


Shield running low is for tactical reasons, I like knowing when my assault is running low, it lets me know I’ll need to start shielding him again.
It also lets monsters know his invulnerability is running low, so he can switch targets.
I like that one how it is.


cloaks up yo

oh thanks i was about to evolve but imma stop it now Kappa


A kraken understanding English that’s some bullshit right there. Lol I just don’t think the monster should be able to hear anything. Specially shield running low which is code for hey monster my shields neally done come smash me with lightning strike and vortex


Exactly lol


I personally depise it. I want to feel like a monster, not some mutant freak from the X-men who can understand human speech…

Would be nice if it came out all garbly like when someone of another language talks close to you.


True dude, but in this life goliaths wraiths and kraken are fluent in every language ha


Sucks don’t it?


Yes, because non-humans responding to human speech is totally unheard of.


Yes, because non humans understanding every and ALL types of English human speech and accents is unheard off…


Monsters are unheard of…


You allways gonna get simple minded people who argue stupid points. Like this guy and his like for instance. Just the fact that other people are agreeing means I ain’t alone. When you meet a monkey or a horse or any creature that understandS every language give me a message dude.