Subtitles as monster


This is the sort of thing I would love to see a poll on but I am very interested in the communities views on monsters seeing subtitles of the hunters communication.

In this video kindly uploaded by @lordweh for another thread and posted here with permission, you can see a match as monster with subtitles.

You can see that when a hunter is close to the monster, both the speaker and what he says comes up on the monsters screen.

I feel that this conveys a serious advantage to using subtitles over not as it allows you to tell when hunters are near, even if you are not paying attention. It allows you to know what hunter you can see if they speak and it tells you what weapon swaps etc they are calling out, like Markov mines.

In my opinion the monster should not get subtitles for the hunters VOs, only other hunters should get that. Otherwise I worry the L4D style of having to have on the subtitles on for the advantage they give you will become the standard in Evolve.

I would also like to point out that if reading lines of dialogue quickly becomes part of Evolve and not being able to do it is a disadvantage I will become disadvantage due to my very slow reading time as I am dyslexic, so I do have some bias. I understand that it is there for people with hearing problems and am happy to accept that but I expect most people won’t be using it for that reason.

Anyway I have rambled on enough about what I think, what does everyone else think? I’d love to know if you think it effects the game? Will everyone be using it? Would the monster not having hunter VO subtitles be better?

Thanks for any responses in advance :smiley:


Personally the text doesn’t bother me. I could hear what every hunter was saying as monster pretty clearly, and the action is so fast-paced I don’t stop to read. The first few times I saw text pop up I wondered if it was in-game chatter from the hunter players…and when I realized of course it was not, I ignored it completely. Now, add in some chatter options from hunters to monsters and visa versa via text, I’d be more apt to read…but that is not what your topic is about. I think we need to have the subtitles for hearing impaired peeps but to have subtitles as an option. Will it be used by competitive players to gain an edge…maybe, but I think they hear the lines just as easily. I recall playing as monster and when domed I’d fight in the arena but carefully listen for the Trapper to call out that the dome was gonna fall so I could pinpoint an escape route before the dome fell. I also knew to make 90 degree turns if Val shouted about her traqs. If I heard about arc mines I’d keep a better eye on the ground, etc. All by hearing, not reading.


I think that if someone is hard of hearing they shouldn’t be penalised for that disability, and players need to play as if the monster is paying attention.

It’s a false argument to say it conveys an advantage because someone might not be paying attention. You have to play assuming that this default state is what you are up against. If the monster player isn’t listening or has music on or whatever then that’s their choice to handicap their own game, it doesn’t give anyone an advantage to just achieve what anyone with good hearing would be able to achieve by paying attention.

I will never understand the argument that a feature which just gives people what they should already experience if they’re paying reasonable attention to the game is something that distorts the game, especially since nothing beats actually hearing something since you can get a direction from the sound of the voices too!


I feel this is relevant:

I can usually pick out these hunter dialogues by ear anyhow, so I don’t think the subtitles specifically help or hurt. I quite like it as is.


I used subtitles throughout the entire alpha, as I wanted to pick out as much hunter dialogue and story as possible. I never noticed it giving me an advantage, because anytime that the dialogue appeared, I had already been aware of them and heard what they had said. The only time I saw text, but didnt hear what they said was a few rare matches where I would be fighting them, and my abilities were so loud I couldnt quite make out what they said.


I always activate subtitles on every game possible. I simply enjoy reading them, and sometimes just having them pop up. I don’t feel they give you any advantage because they very neatly show up as their voices are reproduced, it never occurred that a subtitle showed up before I could hear them or hear them before the subtitle was shown, so it seems to be simply a matter of preference to me.


It’s really hard to not hear Orbital Barrage ready, Dome Up/Ready, Tranq Gun ready etc… I also use them to pick up story bits if I miss them. Sometimes the mayhem gets so loud or you aren’t paying attention that small quips go missed. Also, THAT MUSIC is too loud at times. I turned it way down after one of the combat/engagement songs, which has what I can best describe as an almost fog horn low bass moment, that totally eclipses everything else around me :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks for the link, I didn’t realise they had tried it with and without.

Surely if you need subtitles to not miss story dialogue you are talking from the hunter perspective, not as a monster right? Because I am not suggesting that subtitles need removing entirely for both sides.

I agree to an extent, but since we don’t support other disabilities why is hearing impairment special in this case?

I can see that generally this doesn’t bother people, which is good I guess even if I don’t feel that way. I am going to play with them ‘on’ as I do feel they will help me and since clearly everyone else is using them. I would be a fool to disadvantage myself by leaving out something I know would help, but then again I might turn them on and off and see if I feel it helps or not.

Thanks for all your replies guys!


Hearing impairment is unique in the gaming world in the ability to actually cater for a lack of “perfect” hearing with visual aides. If your sight isn’t great there’s not a lot that can be done for you to help out that isn’t already part of the game settings, i.e. brightness/contrast and colour blind modes (though if the game doesn’t have a good range of audio cues the game makers can look at this).

Motor impairments aren’t really the responsibility of game developers, though a fully customisable control layout means that at least 3rd party peripherals can potentially be tuned to work with the game and simulate mouse/key clicks.

So it’s not so much that it’s “special” as that it’s a problem that game developers can fortunately consider and help to tackle :smile:


Speaking of hearing did anyone else find the sound to be somewhat directionless I would hear the monster but have no way of telling where it came from. Hope that was just a bug. Then again it definitely put my on edge and constantly looking every which way, made me feel like Ripley in Alien.


On the contrary the sound was even better for directional ques than in the first alpha. I may have just gotten better at hearing them though


I agree with Peirs. The roar from evolving might have felt directionless just because it was so far away, but the sounds are pretty spot on.


My only complain was the evolution roar … was kind of weird because its so loud you start to think hes leveling right next to you.


But I was :smiley:



Daisy was looking right at the bush that was on fire and everything


Did you spin 360 when the monster roared? It was blatantly obvious which direction it came from… If you had a headset on. Speakers are for passive games :smile: