Submitted for your approval; Elite Daisy


By extension, Maggie too


Lol, the second to last image looks like Daisy taking a poop.
I love Elite Daisy! Worth getting for sure! Congrats!


LOL, 2nd to last image cracked me up. Be sure you have a doggy bag with you. Also, awesome pictures!


A trapjaw poop would be huge…I mean look how big Daisy is! That would be quite the doggie bag!


Could you imagine stepping in that? Slipping then getting it all over your back.


Lulz. The image in question is actually her doing the ‘Point’ animation. I kept trying to get her left side with the tracking gear, but she always turned, so pics are just front and gear pouch on the right.


Awesome work you have there. Have any others you wish to share?


dang she looks badass with that tribal camou


Fraid not :frowning: I’m 1/2 done with Tier 2 on the other Trappers, Lazarus, and Hyde. Between getting my 4th choice Monster and vacation effectively over, probably gonna be a while on the others, sans a few farming nights.


No worries, when you have more to share later down the road please do so. I would love to see what you have unlocked.


That looks pretty awesome man. Also related to this: I suggest we don’t talk about trapjaw poop ever again. EVER AGAIN!!!




Whatever you DO NOT try and scrub it off. It only makes it worse! Also what did I say: no more poop talk.