Stupid patch question


So I don’t understand what is going on with patches and micro patches? Is PC patch different than console patch? Are they out yet? Someone just please give me a clear answer on what is what with the patches



Micro patches are small number changes that are applied to consoles without going through the whole certification process, and don’t require a download to update, but can’t fix code issues like bugs or mechanics, full patches have to go through the full process, and contain larger number of changes, including bug fixes and reworked mechanics.

Pc patches tend to be almost the same as the console patches, however where the console micro patches can’t fix bugs the pc ones can, and do normally fix a small number of bugs.


So I know what patches and micro patches are, I’m asking why there is 2 different patches for PC and consoles, why can’t they just be the same damn thing


Because consoles can take up to a month to pass ‘certification’. This is done to prevent games from being corrupt/unplayable etc. It’s the reason why a lot of ‘bugs/patches’ can take so long. PC doesn’t have this requirement where consoles do.


Because console patch needs to be certified first.


Alright that’s all i needed to know, thank you @MaddCow