Stupid matchmaking


I’m sorry it’s come to this, but this is forcing me to stop playing evolve for the time being, which is disappointing because I really enjoy the game. WHEN IT WORKS!

I’ve been unable to find a game where I’m NOT the monster. I’ve changed my priorities several times, In and out of game, I’ve tried repair installing, but no matter what I do, I’m never the hunter. EVER! This matchmaking is extremely daft. Please fix it.


@MidnightRoses is this classified as a bug?


I don’t believe it falls under another category no. Being a monster no matter what my preference is, is a bug. :grinning: The rest is ranting.


~70% of players is placing monster at 5th choice, and someone had to be monster. And part of this 70% just leave the lobby when it’s their turn to play the monster. Because playing monster is less and less interesting.


I’m moving this to feedback because Bugs is for bugs, not complaints ^-^ I wish i had your luck, when i want monster i get hunter, then when i want hunter i get monster -.-


You are not alone brother. I have already uninstalled Evolve cause of this and waiting for fix.

Even worse thing is when you are thrown to the same game 5times in a row