Stuff your Evolve friends say

@SupportMeSunny (Playing Support, as Sunny if you missed that):
"I think I did pretty well that game."
literally watches me die 4 times…and then again

"I’m basically a pro Goliath."
Takes 13 mins to Stage 3… Narrowly beats bots

And when he decides to go Monster:

“Please don’t be Slim. Fuck Slim.”

Me: “Fine I’ll play Laz.”

Him: “No not Laz either.”

Me: . _ . “Caira?”

Him: No, not her either. Or Val."

Me: “So I’m not playing Medic?”

Him: “You can play Rogue Val.”

Me: “… :sweat: So, yeah, I’m not playing Medic.”


I laughed so hard


I have no friends that I play online with, on any game, and only one friend in reality. :grinning:

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What play from do you play on?

I play on pc, but sadly I don’t have a mic which is usually why I play co-op only😛

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You should give us your Profile :slight_smile: Me and Goliath will be happy to play with you

That’s too good!


Naw it’s fine, I’m to scared to go into pvp, and I’m sure you don’t want to play co-op.

I love coop!

I used to be a lot like you, only fighting bot Hunters. But now I PvP all the time! :slight_smile:

Hmmm, alright…User is sybrrsith :neutral_face:

Awww man this thread makes me wish I had some Evolve friends to share inside jokes with :joy::joy::pensive::weary::sob::sob:

What platform are you on?

@FryingPan I posted the link to my account above

Right now I’m on PC

Link to my account is above.

Thanks! I’ll add you when I get off of work.

That…I indeed hear you say that way too often.

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“We are already 4.”

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“Let’s do customs then!”



It’s true…watch out if I ever say YOLO, because it usually means shortly thereafter we’re either going to win amazingly or die horrifically fast…probably the latter.