Study: Your thoughts on balance


People on the forums view the term ‘OP’ much the same way a mouse views a hungry cat. I’m genuinely interested what everyone thinks about all of the characters, so I have devised a system of ranking that will eliminate the term for the most part and show me what you guys think. It goes as follows:

S+ - Incredibly OP characters, ones that can win without trying or simply cannot be killed. The Beta Wraith was notorious for this.
S - OP, not completely unbeatable but much to powerful for most people. Often relies on specific strategy/exploit as opposed to overall strength, like the old Behemoth + Rollspam.
S- - While stronger than other characters and requiring a nerf, still beatable for the most part and only requiring value changes and not reworks.
A - An exceptional character, not overpowered nor underpowered. Exactly where they should. This character should be easy to kill but also easy to play as and do well, and do it’s job well.
B - A good character, either outclassed by other choices, too weak in certain areas, or requiring specific team combinations or strategy.
C - A mediocre character. Not particularly bad, but at the same time not particularly good either.
D - This character is awful, but has some redeeming quality that saves them.
F - This character is useless. Don’t use it.

Here is my personal ranking.
S+ - :kraken_stare: (Kraken)
S - :wraith: (Wraith) :support: (Sunny)
S- - :caira: (Caira) :griffin: (Griffin) :assault: (Torvald)
A - : :hank: (Hank) :hyde_2: (Hyde) :maggie: (Maggie) :trapper: (Crow) :goliath_roar: (Goliath)
B - :cabot: (Cabot) :lazarus: (Lazarus) :medic: (Slim) :markov_cute: (Markov) :parnell: (Parnell) :monster: (Behemoth)
C - :bucket_salute: (Bucket) :abe: (Abe)
D- :val: (Val)
F - :daisy: (Daisy) (Jk)

If anyone wants explanation, I’d love to answer.


I disagree even with this. I don’t think there has ever been an ‘auto win’ character. There simply hasn’t been one. If you have a 5 year old play as said Hunter/Monster and can win consistently then I would agree it doesn’t take skill and is genuinely OP regardless.


S+ -
S -
S- - (sunny) (kraken)
A - : (Caira) (Griffin) (Torvald) (Hank) (Hyde) (Maggie) (Crow) (Goliath) (wraith) (behomoth) (abe) (markov) (parnell)
B - (Val) (bucket) (Cabot) (Lazarus) (Slim) (Markov)
C -
D -

that was fun.


Pretty close to what I would say. A few people could be shuffled up/down but not by much.


cabot could be arguably moved to A. hes pretty good doing what he needs to do. him and torvald go hand and hand. you could be losing the match the entire time, and then these two finally connect their damage amp combo. and suddenly the match is close or in the hunters favor again.

thats probably the only one id move. i put markov twice on accident. but hes proly an A still.

anyone in B is because they need certain comps to shine really well. they can do good on their own to me. but when paired right they kick ass. bucket laz comes to mind.


Griffin is not balanced? Caira is not balanced? Cabot is outclassed? Parnell is outclassed?

Can’t agree with allot of this stuff…

My favorite team consists of Lazarus/Val, Cabot, Griffin/Abe, Parnell.

We are using 3 characters, you would rank as outclassed by other choices…

And Markov belongs in C, he’s not worth it.

Val is an awful character? -.-


Ya, I feel Cabot and Markov aren’t B. Slim… is between A and B. If Slim doesn’t use his primary and sticks with Bug + Spore I feel he’s on par with others, but his primary is only decent in pubs. I also feel Val deserves a bit more… A lot of this really just depends on the team helping the others. I feel that Griffin, Bucket, Laz, Val, Cabot, Markov, Maggie, Slim require better teamwork to shine. As such, in pubs they aren’t as good imo.


Mm, Markov needs moved down. I don’t see him standing up to any decent monster honestly. The only reason he’s used, is because he’s alright against the Kraken; and that’s basically the only monster being played right now.


I think people still are overreacting to the mine nerf tbh. His Lightning gun could use a buff, but his AR and Mines are pretty decent actually.


Any decent monster can destroy the mines passively. They get popped by any 1 point ability, instantly in fact… And their arm time, range, and the damage was nerfed. No point, there are other stronger special abilities in the Assault class.

In the next patch, Hyde’s grenades aren’t going to slow. Making him 500 times better than Markov imo.


If you are chasing the Monster and they are around the corner, why not place mines? It doesn’t slow you down. Worst case the monster spends time and a skill to destroy them until you get in range. It’s still good. People just don’t go in with the right mindset.


I want slim to be A. but vs wraith and kraken he has a terrible time healing. so hes a pocket pick to me.

all B class choices are something you have picked up on from playing the monster. aka found him early? hit and run? body camps super hard?

so i call them pocket picks to adjust to how the monster played last round. you can indeed open with them in round 1. but your banking on the fact that you can achieve something before knowing your opponent.

good example is choosing abe first. you can struggle hard to find the monster by risking choosing him first. but if you play crow or maggie first, and find him without many tracking tools. abe can now be chosen as “safe” because your team can find the monster without help.


To be fair, this is bar far the dumbest buff/nerf I’ve seen so far. Literally no reason for this except to appease whiners >.< VERY bitter about this.


Time, not very much. Look at Goliath, activates flame breath; walks right through them. Wraith, abducts through them. Kraken, Vortex/melee/light strike. Behemoth has Lava Bomb, Fissure, and can grab you out with Tongue Grab.

Markov’s mines were made to be countered. And then they still thought they weren’t being countered enough due to bad monster play, and gave it 4 more nerfs (bug “nerf” included).

And setting down mines, does slow you. You stop sprinting every time you use the ability.


But that is a flame breath NOT being used on you. It didn’t cost you anything to put down. They are defensive zones, either through giving Hutners time to move or deterring due to damage. If the monster takes damage it is also doing it’s job.

Not if you jump as you put them down. You should be bunny hopping with all Hunters to avoid the slow down. Caira healing, Val Healing, Markov Mines, Maggie Poons etc…


Why was S divided into 3 separate ranks instead of A? The way you set this up is basically a viability ranking. This is how I’d define something as being S rank:

Reserved for characters that are the pinnacle of the metagame. These characters are able to perform a variety of roles very effectively, or can just do one extremely well. Their use has low risk involved and high reward exerted. Characters in this rank have very few flaws that are patched up by numerous positive traits. These characters define the metagame.

Multiple S ranks are not necessary since very few character actually fall into it. It would be better to divide into an A+, A, and A-

S - (Kraken) (Sunny) (Caira)
A+ - (Hank) (Griffin) (Maggie) (Torvald) (Behemoth)
A - (Crow) (Markov) (Hyde) (Goliath)
A- - (Cabot) (Slim) (Wraith)
B - (Parnell) (Abe)
C - (Lazarus) (Val) (Bucket)
D - I don’t think any characters are weak enough to be D rank


Incorrect. A decent Goliath can destroy 1-2 (sometimes 3, depending on how bad the Markov play is) mines, and still ignite a hunter for bonus damage. Like I said, they are destroyed instantly now.

And mines do cost something, you have to disengage to lay them. Waste 5-10 seconds placing them. And then expect all of them to be destroyed in 2 seconds or less. They are more detrimental, than they are helpful.


Then you are using them wrong. The Monster will never be in your sights 100% of the time. Dome goes down, monster goes around a pillar. Pull out mines and drop them as you go around.


S+: Nothing
S: Sunny :support:
S-: Torvald :assault:, Kraken :kraken_stare:, Caira :caira:
A: Maggie :maggie:, Griffin :griffin_2:, Abe :abe:, Crow :trapper:, Hank :hank:, Goliath :goliath_roar:, Behemoth :monster:
B: Val :val:, Cabot :cabot:, Parnell :parnell:, Slim :medic:, Hyde :hyde:
C: Lazarus :lazarus:, Abe :abe:, Markov :markov_cute:, Wraith :wraith:
D: Bucket :bucket:

Pretty similar to the OP’s order, just my opinion.


Of course, that’s the best use for them. But they still won’t do much when he disengages around that pillar.

Basically you’re wasting your time, and damage with Markov. You could be pulling more with another assault, and you could be using a much more efficient special. Just because they can be used while running, doesn’t mean Markov is a good choice. He’s not viable, and he won’t be for awhile. His weapons are sub par, they aren’t efficient.

The other 2 (not including Parnell, because people can’t play him worth anything apparently… Even if he is my favorite assault) are much more efficient at everything they do, than Markov can ever be. He’s honestly a joke.

Want to protect a team? Use Mortars, use a gas grenade. Want to deal damage? Use weak points+shotgun/mortars. Use flame thrower.