Stuck with Retail key?



I’ve had the evolve game for a long time now brand new and never used with the 4 disc’s and cd key, i’ve only found it in my old belongings by chance from moving house, ive tried to install this and everytime i enter the cd key into steam, steam comes back with an invalid steam key? is there anyway to remedy this as this game looks fantastic?


You would have to contact 2K, since they own the IP and stopped any support for the game


Hmmm… Is the key working and the servers wont acknowledge it? Was the key used by someone else via generators and stuff? hmmm so many questions.

I would recommend if you want to install legacy (4 disc? dang) buy a digital key for like a dollar and try that key.

otherwise box it up and save it as a keepsake or sell it on ebay as a special collectors set