Stuck searching for online matches!


Okay so here is my issues with the game on the PC version:

I cannot find online matches. I get into the multiplayer searching screen and it just hangs there forever, it even comes up and says player found for all slots and then my icon disappears and suddenly it’s back to searching again, even for my slot. I have tried on both modes of skirmish and evacuation and still the same thing. I have screenshots but it won’t let me attach them.

Second issue is I get into a lobby with no one in it and the game never loads, it says every slot is empty and it keeps making the countdown noise as if I am going to enter a game. Screenshots again but won’t let me attach.

Third issue is if I actually finally get into a lobby and the hunter/monster select screen I cannot see any of the other people in the lobby nor can I see their choices on hunter/monster. I cannot see their icons and names. It just says Empty and then says that the lobby is empty even though at the map screen it says they were there. (Haven’t got a screenshot of this because I cannot find a damn match for the life of me)

I am also getting a “Multiplayer session has been terminated” error sometimes and I get sent to a lobby with no one in it and it sits there with a ring in the middle and the words “Waiting for players to load” and it just sits there like that.

Please respond if anyone else is getting these issues.


do you get any error messages come up when you do not find anyone after so long? Or does it just keep finding people?


Nope. Not a single error message comes up, I sometimes get “Multiplayer session has been terminated” whenever I get into a lobby and it sits there with everyone empty but other than that I don’t get anything.

Check the original post for the new issue with multiplayer session has been terminated.


You could try talking to 2K support? And they could look into it :slight_smile:


I get no error but that circle thing just keeps running forever …


I might do that actually, see what I can find out from them.


The circle on mine just does that as well, just runs forever, I’ve also noticed that logging into servers and stuff is taking considerably longer then the other day when I was trying to play.


I would do that now if I was you :).


Just sent in a ticket to support :slight_smile:


Let me know how you get on, I’ll try and help as well.


Thanks dude :slight_smile: I’ll let you know once I get a reply. In the meantime if anything new pops up I’ll continue to update this post :slight_smile:


Got me into 2 rounds and got kicked out at 3rd round because session no longer available…

We were winning D: !

Edit:- Got back with same guys !


Hmm interesting, are you experiencing any other issues apart from being kicked?


Returned into the same game…

After 2mins we all are stuck…

We can chat but we cant move…


That’s possibly server issues then, I had the same thing just before.


I cant even find the guy who i just played with …

Edit:- I got into some other round with different players ! Btw Now server is getting me rounds real fast…


This is odd, not quite sure what is going on but things seem to be buggy out and messing up then fixing themselves then bugging out again…rinse and repeat.



We all went ‘not responding’ again ~,…,~ !

Edit :- Got into new one !


2k support will tell you its your internet or net settings. Its not!


What makes you say that?