Stuck in the sky bug


Me, Maggie and Laz were stuck in the sky, they could use the jetpack to get away, but i was stuck in the falling animation so i got stuck there all game XD

the restart vote didn’t win…


Pressing ‘take a break’ sometimes works, well it worked for me anyway. :smile:


Same happened to myself and a friend, managed to get this awesome picture just before the monster took out the relay!


Like this


No, i was in the falling animation all along.



I have encountered this myself, as well.

That could indicate connection issues to the server at the time of entering / re-entering the game. It could be a settings issue, or a network provider issue.


It mostly happens when there has been a vote to restart before the hunters touched the ground.
Just mentioning it in case you don’t know already.


Thank you for the info. I will run it past @MrStrategio to see what he thinks regarding this!


This issue has been reported before and people mentioned that round restarts seemed to have been causing issues. Alternative latency issues can cause problems to. Trying to narrow down the later situations is more difficult. We have it logged. Thanks for reporting it.


Yep, this happened to a player on the weekend with us and they left, and when I died, I took over, and tried to find the edges of the invisible walls I was stuck in. Didn’t seem to be any way to escape. I forget what map it was on though, but the character was Hank, although I don’t think that has anything to do with it.


It appears this is already a working bug on this thread:

It has been logged and recently updated. Thank you for the info!


Well, it was not on the new map. And i have never heard of this bug happening here.


What map is this on and what platform?

Any extra information you can give me will help me log it better for us to work on.

Thank you! :blush:


It was on Fusion Plant, on PC, after a game restart (with a vote)

My team could get away using jetpack.

I could not because i was stuck in the falling animation.


I had this happen to me too.
Fusion plant
Custom game
Voted to restart less than a minute in.
Upon return we sort of jumped from the drop ship but did not fall. We could jump to return to falling.
Walking off of any cliff would make us glide or even fly.
Any upward force not including jetpack or jump would send you into infinite flight.


Thank you very much for all your details! I too had this happen last night! I will log all the info. Thank you again. :smile: