Stuck in revive animation after getting hit by wraith



In 2 separate games i tried to revive a downed hunter as jack, but as soon as i get hit i get stuck in the 3rd person animation and cant tell where i’m aiming. I can perform actions as normal but without my reticle to aim i have no idea where i’m facing and i run in circles till i die.

**Patch just dropped with a fix for the issue.


This bug has been recorded by TRS and they’re working on a fix :slight_smile:


Well its good they are aware of it but they should have wraith disabled till its fixed, just lost a game because the bug hit me trapper and our medic


Sadly it’s not just Wraith that causes this bug to happen, I’ve had it vs Goliath and reports of Kraken causing this bug have been reported too. That would leave 2 monsters in the pool- one of which isn’t able to be bought yet.