Stuck in dropship/Flying around map(PC)


Thought I would make a thread for this one. Here’s a video.

To add more detail, in the beginning we were trapped in the sky from the dropship. We called for a round restart but it got declined. After that we figured out we could jump to make ourselves fall, we did this just before the out of area message killed us.

From that point on, jumping off of a ledge would put us into this zero gravity state. While floating our jetpacks didn’t recharge. Does @MacMan know about this?


Only ever seen this happen to val, 3 games in a row!


Funniest bug ever. I was the Val, sky heals OP!


Seems like there are a lot of bugs in the bug section. This is a pretty significant one but I think it’ll take a little while for the devs to notice xD


Best strategy ever !!

“Cabot, do you remember when you asked me to bring extra fuel supply ?..”

“Yeah, but why are you saying that now Bucket ?”

“Well, may I suggest to some of us to Support the team from the Dropship ?”



New lore incoming xD @Matthew add this please