Stuck in Bronze.. how about ya throw me bronze monsters?

Its a piece to win as monster… shouldnt hunters be paired with lower tiered monsters as a result? At least the same rank! I had 2 3 star bronzes with me and we are paired with a 3 star silver monster. I depend on 3 others… you do not. I thought hard on even posting this… im sure I come off as a whiney lil… but id careless… i have a feeling im not alone in this. Whats the dealio?


Don’t worry, this doesn’t come off as a bit “whiney” :smile:

This is a slight problem with the matchmaking right now, my best advice to give you is to assemble 3 good players, either around your level or higher and have them help you advance past the bronze level into at least Silver.

Hunter side is extremely based on teamwork and a single teammate that wanders like a blind man looking for his cane can be detrimental to the game :sweat_smile:

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not to undermine your reasonings. but facing a silver monster is an opportunty to rank up big time. it should get you excited as a chance to promote. chances are a bronze monster win will grant u 1 point if u beat him. thats not satisfying lol.

It doesn’t work like that even though it should, i’m Bronze destroyer, i had 2 other B5s and one unranked, we beat a silver master and i got 18 points, compared to loosing 100+ from the 3 rounds before where i lost to monsters ranked higher than me.

uhh 18 points sounds AMAZING. currently im silver master as monster. i get 1 point per win. ONE POINT.

See most times as a hunter, if i have ever come close to beating a monster they rage quit and leave me with 1 point too, so ranking up is virtually impossible but deranking happens way too easily.

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welcome to league of legends lol.

nah idk man im debating on waiting the storm. facing determining rank opponents arent worth it. but once EVERYONE has a rank. well then when i queue up i might get points for my wins. hunter or monster. determining rank monsters can be great…or bad.

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Well its strange… soon as i complained on these here forums i get to play with my team … we get two bronze monsters right off and beat them handly… 9 pts each. The silver monsters ive beaten HAVE gotten me 15 to almost 30 points… yet losing to them ill lose 4… 7… single digits mostly. Ive noticed also the determining rank monsters will get you diff win/loss point too… most likely based on what division they WOULD be in at that time… based on how many wins gathered thus far prior to 10 games. The battle for getting to silver continuez.

What I do NOT suggest is going at it alone… appears to be alot of new players… and even getting different points,based on how a determing rank monster has played thus far (i believe this to be the case anyway) it doesnt differentiate their current unranked skill for matchmaking purposes.

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