Stuck between a rock and a hard place


I’ve noticed that life as a monster has become really hard. In fact, I like to test out perk combos in arena mode against bots. To keep it challenging I would set my stage to 1 and set the diffculty to favor the hunters. This seemed pretty balanced, as when I lost it was because of mistakes I made or because my perks didn’t synergize well with my playstyle.

Now, after the last update, the AI is kicking my ass. I win maybe 1 out of 5 matches against AI at stage 1, even with my main monsters. I tried playing Hunt mode and even after winning the domes and getting several strikes I lost.

I don’t think its the stealth buffs, as those shouldn’t affect bots, but playing monster got a lot harder recently, and I’m not sure why. Unless I run a completely offensive perk loadout my attacks don’t seem to hurt enough, and my lifebars melt like sticks of butter in a frying pan.

So I thought I would stick to co-op until the game is balanced, but in co-op its the opposite problem. The monster is so fast that it sometimes simply teleports. 9/10 games end with the clock running out as the monster just runs/teleports away.

Multiplayer is broken. You either wait forever in queue to play as a hunter, or play as monster and get gang-*****.

In co-op you have to deal with AI that either stands around or can’t be caught without spreading out across the map (which is a terrible habit to form BTW, but seems to be the only way to lock the monstet down so the game doesn’t drag on forever).

The game is becoming less and less fun. That’s what I’m basically saying. This is sad because I really like this game.


If you have problems to win single player there is not much that could help you.
Every gamer have different games he excels at. For you It is just not anything FPS related.

Any chance that you could stream match or two?So we can give you some pro-tips?

Also yes Coop vs AI bot acts weird lately,I darted him with abe and he has traveled 400meters in millisecond.
I think It is intended so people cooperate more to catch It.


And that is why im glad TRS went for a stage 2 beta instead of a launch.


Play at stage 1 against a group of bot hunters in arena and tell me you dont notice a difference.


Ok tell me what monster you want me to play.

edit:Played behemoth,won under 2minutes without hp dmg]

Did not notice any difference,really


TFM, the bots are stronger… I play the same way to warm up for pub lobbies and I also cater the game in the hunters favor.

My question is though, why are the bots in that setup not used in online setup… and if they are… what makes them go defunct?


1.Thank you OP I had no idea arena matches give experiences
2.I lost none -hunter favored,me behemoth stage1 every match,tried many different teams never droped shield.

I really do not see any difference. Maybe there is! I just say that I find them as weak and stupid as always.


I did some testing. Against AI bots, Goliath only does 68 damage with a basic attack and 152 damage with a heavy basic attack. I tried this against every AI hunter, and they were all the same (Medic, Assault, Support, and Trapper (including Daisy))

Against real players, as Goliath my basic attacks did around 85 damage with a basic attack and around 192 with a heavy basic attack.

I can actually beat real players easier than the bots because they don’t die. They seriously don’t die. Is this TRS’s answer to poor AI?