Stuck at loading screen

Ok, i already made a thread about this, but no help came. Again, i am complaining. I can’t start the freaking game. I don’t know what is going on. And it works randomly. I tried disabling firewalls and stuff, but its no help at all. Sometimes, it works from first try, and sometimes i even have to restart steam and pc to make it work. I get stuck at this screen

I am really pissed about this. I play game on these settings. Everything set on minimum and on 1280x960 resolution. I think it has to do something with resolution. Because, when it manages to start, it exits the full screen, so i need to change res to 1080p and then back to 960 to make it full screen and playable again. My PC is low end as you can see, but it meets the minimum requirements. I have 70 Hours in game.

Have you attempted any of these fixes?

I did, the problem is as i sad, i really feel like its random. Sometimes i can start it off without doing anything, sometimes i need to spend 15 minutes trying to make it work…

Which specifically have you tried? It helps to narrow down the problem.

Well, firstly i tried to turn off the Avast for 10 minutes, and it worked, i played and left the game. Tomorrow i do the same nothing happens. I restart steam, try again, it works. Next day i enter the game no problem. Next day i need to restart the whole PC because i cant alt tab out of the loading screen. I repaired cache using Steam. All drivers are up to date. Like some days i just turn on the PC and i enter the game no problem, sometimes i turn off the Avast for 10 minutes, start the game it works, sometimes not. Sometimes restarting Steam works, sometimes not…

Have you tried this?

Dude you are not reading, problem is i get stuck on loading screen.I dont make it to the game…

You said sometimes it does load in, so I’m trying various ideas. You said that you attempted all fixes, if that is true and nothing worked then I’d suggest posting a crash dump for @m3teeh.

Do what? :smiley:

I runed it. It started my game, my game again got stuck on screen mentioned above, i alt tabbed to bat file, it sas press any key to continue, i pressed it and it closed itself…?

Hmmm, I tagged m3teeh already. Give her some time to see if she can help.

Ok, thanks allot!

After running the .bat file and getting the problem, close the game, and close the popup. After that, paste in a notepad (or something similar). You don’t have to copy anything, the .bat file will automatically copy for you. And then, send me the file!

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This time when i started the bat file game started…And it does this, it exits the fullscreen

hat file