Stuck at loading screen somehow got through but stuck again at multi


I got a problem with this game.
It got stuck at loading screen but after I waited for 30 minute
somehow It go through to the tutorial and menu but then I tried to go to the multiplayer
It got stuck at loading screen again.
I don’t want to wait 30 minuite to play one game No one will wait for me.
I bought this game on steam and paid 80 bucks for the premium monster race ver.
I have a high spec PC and pretty sure I can run almost every game on steam.

The solution I tried so far…but nothing seem to fix the problem.

-restart the game (Not work)
-Force close and restart steam (Not work)
-Restart the PC (Not work)
-Verified cache (Not work)
-Redownload and reinstall the game (Not work)
-update all my hardware drivers (Not work)
-Turn off V-Sync (Not work)
-Run in windowed mode (Not work)
-Called my wife (Not work)
-Pray to Buddha (Not work)

Someone Please help ;_;

For Turtle Rock and 2K
Please listen and solve this bug or refund me.
I just want to play my game for Buddha’s sake.
80 bucks is VERY MUCH for Me That earn wage of 35/day in Thailand.

And sorry for my english Not my mother language tough.


Please Help ;_;