Stuck as the monster. Unacceptable

Trying to play my placement matches and I end up getting stuck as the behe in some random corner. He couldn’t climb over the tiny rock because he couldn’t turn. This should never happen, especially not now after how extremely long the game has been out. I was winning and then I lost because I got stuck. Acceptable? No. Not at all. This needs to be your #1 priority fix NOW. I have no words, this is amazing. Just messaged every dev that I know of on steam to fix this. You don’t EVER mess with something like that that has rankings.

I can’t do this man. Uninstalling until I see some concrete video proof that this has been fixed. This has been plaguing the community since release and it shouldn’t be this way.

I’d imagine this isn’t an easy bug to fix if you think about it. But very well, thanks for the bug report. Rather sure this logged already but I shall tag @Shaners just in case.

To have a chance of finding a spot where Behemoth could get stuck, I think we would need to know which map it was, and have at least a general description of where to look on the map.


Calm down man its just a glitch. Just because the game has been out for a while doesnt mean every single glitch is going to be fixed. Btw, maybe instead of ranting about it you could actually give the devs specific details so it can be fixed.

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It would be helpful for the team to know details. Without them they can’t do anything.

What map?
What location?
Can you get a video?

With a game that undergoes so many patches, changes, and additions, it’s likely there will be bugs and glitches that crop up and may be overlooked. If this has been bothering you for a long time, you should have reported it. If no-one reports such a thing then nothing can be done about it. And when you do report, you need to try and give as much detail as possible to make it easier for the Devs. Some issues are notoriously rare and this may be one of them.

Perhaps you could give some extra information to help the Devs identify what the problem is so that maybe they could help you, instead of getting pissy and rage quitting? Like maybe your system, map, area on said map, stuff like that.

Just a suggestion, homey.

If you just rage on about how angry you are about the glitch and not give any information as to where it was, how do you expect it to get fixed? Just something to consider…

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