Struggling to find games


I was playing for a good portion of this evening. I was having a lot of trouble finding new, full lobbies. I spent more time playing with AI than I did with players. I was almost constantly getting games in progress, and mostly evac games even though I was in hunt queue. I had to set myself to random instead of with a preference to actually have a chance to get into a full game.

It’s really hard to play like this right now.


What platform?



10 chars


I am on PS4. It is great for getting people to play with.


If it was multi-platform that would be great. Unfortunately I am on PC and having a hard time right now =(


Yeah. The ratio of copies sold was like 8:7:1 Xbox Ps4 and PC


That really sucks they didn’t allow cross platform play. I had to stop playing tonight because basically not enough people over rank 30 were online.


Don’t worry. After the patch people will get back on.


I’m thinking that will likely just prove to be a band-aid solution for a short bit…