Struggling as a hunter in Hunt 2.0? Play Arena instead


Arena modes basically eliminates or greatly reduces the most common team screw-ups:

  1. Trapper domes the monster but his teammates are far behind.
  2. A lone hunter is getting devoured by wildlife but help is far away.
  3. Monster pounces a lone hunter.
  4. Trapper is unexperienced and can’t find/dome the monster at beneficial moment/location.

It’s a way more forgiving place for new players or non-communicating teams. Yes, there will be players chasing a Behemoth in a tunnel and all other sorts of dumb behaviour, but that would give unexperienced players the chance to isolate and figure out their mistakes at a faster rate.

I personally don’t enjoy “duels in a box” and the sterile nature of most sorts of arena PvP, but Hunt 2.0 just doesn’t work for a team-less player like me so it should do for a while…


I totally agree. The Hunt matchmaking is so bad. I got into Silver skilled which results in me getting Trappers that don’t even dome when the Monster jumps straight above their head.
But then I play 1 round of arena and get in a group with extremely good players, and they were german too! We outplayed that monster player so hard he didn’t get a single strike.


As I see it, it’s pretty simple: Don’t try to hunt it, until you are sure you can kill it. And there is no better place than the Arena to test that skill. It’s in my opinion the most efficient training ground for the most basic team-work skill. Survive and kill.