Strongest Video Game Character


I pose to you a question: Who is the strongest motherfucker in video games? Who can beat the shit out of any opponent they come across without fail? Who is the most badass character ever created?
Is it Kratos, who slew gods and monsters alike? Or maybe Asura, who doesnt need swords to pummel other demi-gods and the creater of life itself? How about Bayonetta, who’s hair does the beating for her along with her high heels with guns in them? Lets have a discussion. Tell me your pick and why. Maybe this could turn into a contest for fun.
So thats it, who is the strongest character ever created?


Doom Slayer!!! … period…



Only character who has Falcon PAWNCHED God so hard that she sent her soul across the solar system and into the sun.


Except that Dante killed her…

Which by the way Dante from DMC is easily the strongest character.


Unfortunately, I have not played many of those games with god slaying characters in them. So the best I can come up with is Aurelion Sol from League of Legends, a space dragon who literally creates stars and galaxies.

But… If you expanded the critieria to books as well… I could win instantly.


We’ve reached the limit.

All of your strongest warriors will become a part of the katamari


Doom Guy. He doesn’t need any further explanation as to why. He literally fights demons on Mars. Then goes to Hell itself to fight them more.


St-strongest character??

Gargos? - Killer Instinct

Superman? - Superman (Duh)

Oooo, I got it…One Punch Man :stuck_out_tongue: (I don’t even watch the show)


The Player from Undertale. It doesn’t matter how strong they are in-universe when the thing out of the game universe is the one that controls all of them.


Dante gets killed by Virgil right? Wouldn’t that mean he’s the strongest?



Asura. Full. Stop.


Phoenix :slight_smile:




Doom guy.
It takes a certain kind of person that can kill demons from both an invasion and on their home turf, for basically eternity.
When demons, the literal embodiment of sin and wrong doing, tell stories of how afraid they are of this one person.


Uh… since when does Virgil kill Dante?

In DMC 3 Virgil beats Dante but doesn’t actually kill him in the first fight they have.

If we’re talking about the original ending to Deadpool vs Dante (and not the correct, or at least more logical, alternate ending) where Virgil stabs him in the back that doesn’t even really count considering many many things.


Undoubtedly Doomguy. He was already badass before Doom 2016, but that game just confirmed that he is the actual physical manifestation of badass. No one would be able to touch him.


The Nuclear Throne.


Now… for any video game character, good or evil, that has ever existed in the history of ever. I would put forth Sephiroth. If you’re wondering what Sephiroth may or may not have done to earn his place… He summoned a Meteor that was so gigantic it was going to destroy the Earth.

Not hit, explode, and wipe out all life… Earth would’ve been a bug on this Meteor’s windshield, and he summoned it with a wave of his hand and then went about his day like nothing major had happened at all.

BTW, if you don’t like that Masterchief out death-battled Doom Marine… Let’s point y’all at Kirby. Who would literally be able to eat the Doom Marine without issue. And then gain the Doom Marine’s powers.


Also thanks to there having been a Superman game… Superman. Pretty much can’t beat Superman at the height of his powers at all. Immune to magic, Kryptonite, and faster than the flash. With infinite strength.


Big Boss from Metal Gear Solid is just dorky and lucky enough that I think he could somehow survive everyone elses suggestion.