"Strongest" to "Weakest" Hunters

Pretty much the same exact thing as my ““Strongest” to “Weakest” Monsters” thread.

Only this time it’s based on each of the separate Hunter classes.

And to be specific I’m talking about each Hunter within their own class here in Stage 2 without considering perks or team comps.

Like for example I can tell that Battle Cabot is freaking god awful and seems like a casual joke to the early days of Cabot where he was like an actual Assault in terms of BS damage.

The whole thing is based on the Hunters within their class and a basic “In General” type of “Best or Worst” regardless of who they are working with and against whatever monster.

From what I can tell for each class so far.

Paladin Parnell, Slim and Quantum Caira (QCaira from the receiving end as Monster) seem to be pretty powerful medics with strong self sustain while the rest seem to fall kinda short in overall effectiveness.

Um… screw Battle Cabot.
Bucket seems really really good, if not even the best.
Cabot is meh, Tech Hank is somewhat meh.
Hank seems to be the go to for some people but I like Bucket more.
I haven’t seen much of Sunny and only touched her once when a player quit so not much experience there.
Kala seems like an odd Cabot still but just different.

Trapper (or is it Tracker now?):
Only used Maggie, Abe and Electro Griffin.
Electro Griffin seems pretty baws in terms of CC and damage dealing compared to the others.
Can’t tell but did they make Stasis slow down monster climbs? Feels like it…
Maggie… well she’s still pretty much the same besides the things they did with Daisy who can be a good distraction at times.

Five years later Torvald’s Mortars decide to land…
Just unlocked Parnell so I dunno about him.
Hyde still seems pretty much the same as before, consistent regardless of the Monster.
Markov is still meh compared to Blitzkov.
Renegabe seems pretty good but when you like need the Damage like now it just isn’t there and acts like a weird form of support for the rest of the team.

Any of the characters I didn’t name is because I haven’t used them or seen them enough in a match to really get an opinion on them. Anyway I’m now curious to who everyone thinks are the Hunters within their respective classes not including who they are with or what they are fighting. Again it’s more of an “In General” opinion on them.

Monster Opinion Thread here:

I’m gonna go ahead and leave this comment here as a placeholder to give my take later.

Top: Parnell / Torvald
Great: Hyde / Renegade Abe
Good: Blitz Markov
Okay: Markov / Lennox

All assaults feel pretty decent imo but the ones with the consistent burst potential seem to be the strongest, although they might be a bit harder to play. Lowest tier here has consistent damage but has inconsistent/situational burst damage. RIP lennox, leap nerf never forgetti.

Top: Electro Griffin
Great: Maggie / Crow
Good: Abe / Jack / Griffin
Okay: Wasteland Maggie

Same case as assault, I dont think there are bad trappers. The strongest either have very high damage or very high CC. (E griff happens to have both).

Top: Slimjim
Great: Paladin Parnell / Val
Good: Caira / EMET
Okay: Quantum Caira
Bad: Rogue Val / Lazarus

Medics come down mostly to how potent their healing is. Slimjim is so easy to play and so good at healing that he just overwhelms all other medics. Worst medics here aren’t bad as in “dont play them”, but lack good healing (R val) or simply are too specific on how the team needs to play (Qcaira / Laz)

Top: Hank / Sunny
Great: Bucket
Good: Cabot
Okay: Kala
Bad: Tech Sgt. Hank
Gg Ez: Battle Cabot

Defensive supports are just better in every way than offensive supports. This is mostly because they can fit any comp while offense supports need specific comps that fit their playstyle. That’s not to say offensive supports are bad, but they are very specific.

If anyone wants me to explain why i placed X character in Y spot, let me know i’ll gladly give my opinion.

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I would rate rval better than lax and quira because boy do those two suck.

I put R val on bottom because her healing is just underwhelming. She has damage, but other than that it feels as if she underperforms in the medic role no matter what. She can work with bucket but even then a monster will just focus someone else and it’s gg.

Laz, although terrible at healing, has the glove which forces every monster to body camp. When doing so hunters have a free moment to go balls on the monster, trading a strike for some good damage.

Q caira i actually believe to be pretty good but it’s just too hard to heal properly when your hunters are moving constantly. With very good communication and a solid strategy I think she could actually be ranked higher.

Not really, only bad monsters do that tactic. You go after lax or you bait him there and kill him. Bodycamping is what he wants, why do it if other tactics work better?[quote=“Manuel_Martin, post:5, topic:108423”]
Q caira i actually believe to be pretty good but it’s just too hard to heal properly when your hunters are moving constantly.

I disagree since her healing requires you to stay in one place to get her full healing, however staying stillis death. The only other way to utilize her healing is around small pillars but the only monster that really hinders is Goliath.

Rval heals for 40+75 -> 115 hps which is about as good as Val’s iirc.

Also emet is godawful at healing unless you go full leadership perks AND spam your healing burst. That only raises his healing to 105 hps. Without that he only heals for 80 hps (healburst spam to maximize healing potential).

Essentially, she’s a very strong aoe healer and a decent single target healer.

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I agree with your placement for supports mostly, I think Cabot is great so about equal to bucket, although it just depends on team comp.
ex) on a team comp of torvald/blitzkov I want cabbage, Markov or rabe I want bucket, Hyde is better with Cabot but realistically doesn’t need him.

What about the laz strat of staying outside the dome? He can still heal hunters outside from a corner and will only come in once you are about to kill somebody, at that point changing your focus to laz would mean you let them get free damage.

As for Q caira it’s literally what i said i think her healing can be good but due to hunters requiring to move it’s unreliable unless E.G pillar circling which doesnt work on all monsters.

As for emet i mostly placed him there due to how good he works with certain comps (even though we are supposed to judge outside of comps) so i’ll be moving him soon. And yes Rvals Hps is good but no team healburst leaves her a bit weak imo.

Go after someone else, bait him in, kill him.

If he gets the Rez it’s irrelevant. You know where he is at that time and can kill him really easily. 1 strike on laz is EASILY worth no strike on someone else and a couple bars of health (unless you’re wraith but she has her own issues). 1 strike on lax is literally a game changer so it’s very much worth some health damage for.

Only the holiaths are really affected by this tactic tbh. Krakens fly, wraith is too fast to get affected, bobs aoe’s are insane (+fissure). [quote=“Manuel_Martin, post:8, topic:108423”]
As for emet i mostly placed him there due to how good he works with certain comps

Certain yes but not all. Besides that fact he has the worst hps unless with said perks, the beacon is useless, his damage is ok at best. Not a good medic.

Yeah her main issue is that she has no burst healing, which causes a problem against wraith primarily (Goliath is easier to kite so her passive healing is more noticeable with good teammates, stronger than Emet’s too) but in open areas she is weak against OG and wraith primarily. Kraken is kinda bad given his squishyness and Kelder is like Goliath, easy enough to kite (only problem is the vortex behind walls).

Her main issues are burst and range. Val beats her in range and healing others with her burst but without a defensive support dies in 10 seconds. Caira is just balanced tbh, quira is gimmicky with low hps even in her healing fields and way too situational. She’s more a utility medic than anything else.

She’s good at healing if you can dodge an attack here and there (randoms suck so that’s asking a lot), damage (both active damage and passive), and self sustain, esp. with a bucket.

The best medics though are slim and papa, no question.

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I’ve noticed that Quira is pain in the butt to bring down at times because for some strange reason she feels stupidly tanky for a Medic vs some of the other Medics. Like up there with Slim and PalParnell which is kinda annoying.

As Behemoth the other day I chased her into the cave by the Venom Hounds on Wraith Trap and smashed her and used all my abilities on her and everything was hitting and maybe she had a Hank helping down there but I was still kicking her ass (or so I thought) and she was still able to get away and I’m like “FUCKING DIE YOU TWAT!!!”

Not a big deal because I won that match anyway but it was super annoying as hell that I couldn’t get her down.

She’s kinda like regular caira. Hard to kill if they’re good at kiting but she’s not supposed to be your target, like with rval, you leave her last.

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Yeah I just saw an opportunity to get here down and I just took her into the cave and thought that I was going to get her but then I didn’t and was like “Duh fuk bruv?”


Assault: Most are pretty much equal imo, it depends on which monster you’re up against.

Medics: 1st Caira. Great team healing and super good self sustain with accel field. After her 5th nade buff giving her capacity makes her have 6 nades which gives her the best single target healing in the game. She’s great <3

2nd: Paladin Parnell. A bit less consistant but still strong.

3rd: Val. Strong chase, strong single target healing. But lacks in self sustain and is hard countered by MG.

4th: Slim. Before his last nerf easily the strongest medic, now he’s still viable but a lot more meh. Gets destroyed by elder kraken’s tumble.

5th: Emet: If you pair him with Bucket they can be a pain in the ass.

6th: QCaira. Good self sustain but lacks in everything else.

7th: Rval/Laz. They’re just not as good as the other medics against any monster.

Supports: 1st:Sunny,Hank,Cabot. These are all good viable supports and when paired up right make a very scary comp.

2nd: Bucket. Not as strong as other supports but still has some great synergy with emet.

3rd: Kala. LUL

4th: Battle Cabot. Even more LUL

Trappers: I don’t really know anything about trappers :stuck_out_tongue:

The interesting thing about the whole strongest to weakest thing is… I tended to enjoy playing the characters that people considered weakest more often!

Battle Cabot was definitely my new favourite support, Quantum Caira was definitely the most fun medic for me, with Laz and Rogue Val somewhere just behind, and WLM is right up there as one of my favourites (though Electro Griffin was my actual favourite). Hyde has always been my most favourite Assault but Lennox is a close second.

It’s one thing that I hope TRS continue to offer in future games (if there is a character type system), these really interesting characters with quirky or just down right fun mechanics… even if it means they’re not really competitively viable.

But to keep on topic, for me…from strongest to weakest in each case, based on my experience and what the meta that was around at the end of TRS’ reign. Weakest doesn’t necessarily mean weak, strongest doesn’t necessarily mean OP.


Blitz Markov


Tech Sgt Hank
Battle Cabot


Paladin Parnell
Quantum Caira
Rogue Val


Electro Griffin

Trappers were the most balanced of the classes, followed by medics. Assaults were generally tight but had a couple of outliers. Supports were the most inconsistent in terms of how effective you could rely on them being. The strongest were the most reliable across various monsters and picks rather than being out and out strong.

Hmm alright pretty fair points.
Tbh i don’t really play medic that much, although I’ve played Qcaira extensively, R val and laz are another story.
I’d have to play them more to get a better opinion.
But I will say, Q caira is pretty nice in arena combined with hank. they just can’t kill a downed hunter bc of the healing!

My list would be @niaccurshi’s list. Slim would be at the top for medics and Kala wouldn’t be near the bottom of the list.

Each of the supports have a situation they’re useful in, Kala’s fucking terrifying on the chase after the dome drops, as it allows for chip damage to continue, and Armor doesn’t regenerate while the AR’s active, so she’s particularly nasty with RAbe. There’s also the convenient teleporter in a roaching spot to teleport someone injured to the other side of the dome.


Jack is and always will be top tiers. No doubt about it.

I wouldn’t say that EMET’s that good, since most of the time you can’t use his beacons effectively (the EMETS I play with are mostly like that) and you can’t pull of the healing potencial of the maniac robot. When you do though… :emetangry:

I have no issue with any assault but in terms of the damage I can personally do
The rest

As for trapper I easily can do assault level damage with Abe while keeping CC and do cray damage with Mad Mags

… I don’t support or medic often but I am crazy aggressive so I go Slim or Hank for the big D