Strongest of each class?


Obviously there,is no strongest, but who do you feel comfortable with the most? Each person has their own taste.

Assualt: Parnell-Fights like true assualt. Rush down and do damage
Support: Sunny- Jetpack boost really encourages rush down gameplay
Trapper: Abe. Some people say he’s “luck”. But its not luck. It having good knowledge of the map, surroundings, and aim. Once Abe sees you, he will for the,rest of the game. Pure rush down. I love it.
Medic: Caira: I like the traditonal healing. I dislike strikes. Although slim is starting to grow on me.

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medic: Lazarus, if played correctly he can be the ghost that never lets his team down
trapper: Maggie, setting up a field of traps annoys the monster so much
i don’t really play or care much for the other classes



Hyde- Love meltin me some faces, he brings strong damage and great area denial, as well as some of the best lines evah
Hank- He just feels so right, nothin quite like shieldin all your friends, firing a laser right into that monsters face, then droppin some space bombs right on their head. Its awesome.
Lazarus- Ive always been super trigger happy, Laz gives me a chance to finally play a medic where i can do damage as well keep people alive (also im a ninja, so his revives are pretty easy for me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)



Assault: Hyde - Flamethrowers and Miniguns are some of my favorite weapons, so Hyde is a sure-fire bet for me. His toxic grenades are also useful for flushing out a monster, so he’s got some utility too.

Support: Hank - all of the supports are nice in their own way, but the fact that Hank brings two game-changers (his on-demand shield and his orbital) means that matches with Hank are pretty much always exciting for me.

Trapper: Maggie - this was one pretty tough, since I like all of the trappers quite a bit. However, it’s nice to constantly be on the monster’s trail, and Daisy is amazing. (Plus I love dogs.)

Medic: Slim - I’ve always wanted an in-your-face medic, and Slim delivers. It’s also nice to be able to split up and still have a way to heal your teammates across the map.

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Val. She’s just so versatile and in the right hands, she can’t be caught until it’s too late.

Griffin. Sound Spikes allow me to set up a web. If I can’t find the Monster there are like two places he has to be in, and I can stay on his tail permanently with poons and Spikes.

Support is tough, but I have to say Cabot. I can harass the Monster like crazy and put on so much DPS that even when somebody goes down the Monster’s on very low health.

I never play Assault.



Caira(in general)
Replace Caira with Lazarus and a group of coordinated players and that team is nearly unstoppable, imo.




Assault: Tovald- love how he punishes running monsters.
Support: bucket- area of denial mixed with constant UVA is the best
Trapper: griffin- harpoon gun and sound spikes, enough said
Medic: Lazarus- a bit of bias on my end, but no strikes means no outs

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In my opinion I would rank like this:

:assault: Hyde. Yup. With toxic grenade being so good now, he can layer on 3 sources of damage at once and MELT. Bonus points if Cabot is on your team. I love his character too but he also feels the most “reliable” even when there’s a Kraken. Torvald is a close second but I think Hyde is more consistent overall.

:trapper: Maggie, easily. Harpoon traps never miss, are a constant annoyance. Daisy is a fifth teammate and can do ninja revives, she also hard counters any attempts at stealth. Maggie puts okayish damage as well with her machine pistol. Again, to me it comes down to she’s consistent. There are some great Griffins out there and I like playing Griffin more personally but I think Maggie is more consistently good.

:support: This one is hard. I think all, except Bucket, are pretty good though. I think I’ll go with Hank, a good Hank is an exercise in frustration as the monster. Yes Sunny can shield too but that drone can be popped, doesn’t anticipate, and doesn’t move. A good Hank will baby that shield to last forever and always block the person getting hit. Once monsters figure out how to play around the drone’s predictable targeting, I think Sunny won’t be as strong as she is considered right now. Hank also brings great damage with Laser Cutter and Orbital barrage has a ton of uses, not just for dealing damage.

:medic: Caira. This one is easy. Slim is probably the only true contender. I know people want to like Val but her base issue (no self-healing, non-Laz heal burst) makes very meh, and the recent changes did not address this issue. Laz is so hated by monsters that you have to want to be killed first every fight to play Laz kind of negating his purpose.

These are not my favorites personally but they are who I think represent the “best” of each class.





Yours or mine? lol



Mine. My jimmies are rustling. Bucket is awesome. >.>



Haha, I think Bucket is fun and could be good but he gives up so much survivability for your team and is so defensive oriented…it feels like a huge sacrifice to bring him on the team.




did I do it right?



I am so glad this meme is catching on!



…Alright then. :confused:

@KingWut117 I love that meme.

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Medic: VAL is Love VAL is life. best medic hands down. so much fun.

support: sunny is redonkulous right now. but i still love bucket lol. but sunny is better :confused:

trapper: crow. im 8-0 with him. A HUNTER IN PUBS IS UNDEFEATED?!? WTF IS THIS MADNESS.

Assault: ehh idk right now. havnt played much. but Parnell rips behemoth faster than anything iv ever seen lol.



Best Assault: Sunny
Best Support: Sunny

I am conflicted



Medic: Giving it to slim. Not only does he deny a monster his hard earned meal, but he denies his scent bonus and destroyers player eyesight at the same time. There’s great forum posts about the speed and effectiveness of his small but rapid healing waves that can negate out aoe.
Support: Sunny. Nukes, shields, and speed boosts, oh my. She’s like 3 classes in 1.
Trapper: Giving this one to Maggi gasp Why? Because it forces monsters not to play stealthy, which can be a huge advantage. None of the other hunters FORCE a monster to do anything except run.
Assault: … I’ve not tried Torvald yet… But I’m giving it to Hyde. He brings some crazy DPS to the table with his nades and flame thrower.

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Assault: Hyde for the various reasons other people listed.

Medic: Used to be Caira and now it’s slim. Being able to heal and revive people from across the map is nuts. Plus his constant heal burst while damaging and smell denial are great. Also, he looks and sounds amazing just like Hyde.

Trapper: I like Crow a bunch, but I haven’t played him enough to call it so I’ll say Maggie. Mostly for Daisy’s adorable self, but also the trap gun is awesome.

Support: This one is hard because I like them all for different reasons. Sunny has now bumped Hank into last place for me, but I guess I’d have to go with Bucket. Turrets are a ton of fun, UAV is totally unique and his personality and one liners cannot be topped.

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For me I feel most comfortable with…

:assault: Hyde. I kind of know what I’m getting with him
:medic: Laz, I really just get how he plays, even though it’s incredibly hard to find monsters that aren’t able to shut down the Laz game with ease
:support: Bucket. I always fail to do one of the other two things I should be doing with the other supports. With bucket I gel with his play style easily
:trapper: Tie between Griffin and Crow. Their nature means I have the time to really think and more importantly listen for the inspiration on where the monster is headed. They both feel quite tactical and I like that.

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