STRONGEST Monster Poll

  • Goliath
  • Kraken
  • Wraith
  • Behemoth

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with all of the recent changes, let see which one is better

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Behemoth has a KILLER combo which takes time to master but can kill from 100 to 0 in seconds.

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I love my fat behemoth :smiley:

I would hange the title of the thread. I would call it “Favorite Monster”. Because someone’s choice of “best” Monster is purely subjective. Like I know Kraken is good and can put people in their seats but I hate him with a passion. Hate playing against him, hate playing as him, hate his stupid squid face.


Wraith without a question

She is unbeatable if you know how to play as her

Then kraken


Then Goliath

But the most fun to play as or against is Goliath

Wraith is the most boring monster

Give it up for wraith guys cmon…

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Im with ya Behemoth is second in line

Nope. Always has been Goliath, always will be Goliath.


You squid racist


Species-ist more like. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Interesting results

Behemoth monster race.

Wow Goliath is winning

NOT ANYMORE Mwaaahahahahahhaha

Goliath. The most balanced and most brutish looking. And definitely the best looking out of the 4.

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? Goliath is winning

i messed it up on purpose. Back to Wraith though because she is bae.

I know you did, everyone knows you did lol

Lava is back in the lead

I voted for kraken because thats the only one I can kill with and win