Strike system still feels bad ... :(


So… I come back to play a very different Evolve…and some real awesome changes. The changes to the dome and healing simply **feel good **. However the strike system …still feels bad man…

I understand its purpose is to give monsters progression, even though monsters also have another form of progression of staging up to gain more/stronger abilities and added health. However the strike system is a form of progress at the expense of hunters’ fighting capability, and THAT is what feels bad. Let me explain. As the monster, even with 2 health bars left, a player can still turn it around and take out a hunter team with one single good engagement. The monster’s fighting capability isn’t diminished directly. As hunters, lets say with a medic on 2 strikes, and one or two other strike spread among the rest of the team, hunters could be simply waiting for the monster to finish them off. This is due to the hunters’ fighting capability being diminished directly. If one member of the team can now go down easier, the whole group is now weaker. The game can be over, before the game is actually over…hunters can only get weaker and weaker as the game goes on … and all that feels bad. It creates toxicity in matches, as lesser skilled players make the entire team permanently weaker every time they go down. It creates a sense of futility, and gives less hope of come backs for hunters. I’m not saying the game is unbalanced because of the strike system. Its not a balance deal breaker, and I do believe the devs could potentially balance the game around this system and have a perfect 50/50 win rate. However that doesn’t mean the game is better for it.

Now, below is s a token suggestion, but honestly don’t focus too much on it. Its not the important part of this post, and I would rather read everyone’s thoughts on the strike system. Also let me address one common counter argument I’ve read in the past when this has been brought up before: it would hurt Laz if there was no strike system. My counter, counter argument, don’t let Laz be the excuse to keep bad systems. We can always change Laz, and honestly I’d feel removing the strike system and replacing it with something better, might free up Laz to be less of a one trick pony.

Token suggestion: Instead of punishing hunters for going down, reward monsters instead.
This is the basic idea, and it can look many different ways. One way it could look is by having the monster gain evolve points for downs, even allowing the monster to max out ALL abilities… if they are good enough… but again, don’t get too hung up on this suggestion.

Thats it. Thoughts?



See, if a hunter gets a strike they permanently have less health. Monsters can’t regenthealth so doing health damage to a monster is pretty equal. You’re both going through the match slowly chipping away at your opponent.

It definitely doesn’t feel like if I have a strike or two its gg. It felt like that in legacy but not now with the dropship and dome changes.


Monster progression.

Evolving = dmg health armor and cd
Dropship timer increase
Lack of reviving after 2 strikes
Dome reduction
Relay vulnerability

Hunter progression = hp damage.After 10 bars of armor,and a limit on dmg they can do


I think it’s fine and always has been. I don’t think this game needs to undergo any more major changes. It’s been neutered as it is.


It’s necessary unless you want every fight to be the same struggle for the monster. Usually it goes like this:
-First dome fight => monster goes for as many pips as possible, while hunters go for as many hp bars as possible
-Other dome fights => capitalizing on mentioned strikes, if one team did no strikes, they lose at this point
-Last dome fight(s) => it’s either a full on deathmatch or the same as the first, except now the monster is attacking and the hunters are defending

Now you see, if there were no strikes on hunters, monster had no weakness to capitalize on. Besides, all of the sudden a new strategy would evolve: stay still, let them attack you until dome is down, there would be no real reason to fight under stage 3.


But its not equivalent.
Monster at half HP is still very much able to win the game. Hunters with 2 strikes, even 1 strike, each is going to be an up hill battle. Losing HP for monster doesn’t make monster weaker in combat, but getting strikes for hunters makes the entire team weaker in combat.

Again, I don’t think the system is inherently unbalanced, it just doesn’t leave hunters a lot of room for comebacks, while monster has more breathing room …even after a few bad engagements.

People said same things about the arena system, but it doesn’t seem you agree with a lot of the changes regardless.

If the strike system is removed/altered, it would definitely need to be replaced with something. But even so, downing hunters lowers the dome timer, increases dropship timer… and you risk losing health by passively letting them hit you.


Yea; you’re correct. I don’t agree with dumbing down a great game.


It’s 10% health per strike. With solo buffs, 2 strikes literally puts you at 1600 health.

Which is…y’know…the actual base health of hunters.

The only actual strong point of current strikes is the insta-death on third down.


if you would just know what that means :slight_smile:

on topic: my problem with strikes is that they are a strong game breaker. 0 or 1 strike is not much, but 2 strikes is instant death. But getting two strikes can be (versus certain comps) a pretty daunting and futile task. So in the grand scheme it works out and at this point we are far to deep in this mechanic that change is not an option.


Definitely agree. In Legacy once I had a single strike if we didn’t have a tonne of health damage it was basically a losing battle. Getting a strike is considerably more forgiving now, and that makes a hell of a lot more characters viable and good. The game feels better in general now.


Only 10%? I honestly didn’t know it was that low. I figured it was 20-25% or so per strike. I guess I overlooked that change. This does make me feel better about it. In that case I retract my original suggestion, and simply suggest shirking the actual strike visual. I’m sure I’m not the only player that thinks its more, and its kinda demoralizing to see so much of the health bar grayed out, and frustrating when you think other teammates have that much lost. I’d almost just get rid of the health loss per strike, and simply keep the insta-death on the third down, since I agree its the best part of the system.