Strike resets


I’ve noticed that there are no strike resets whatsoever as a hunter. I thought that it made it too easy for the monster to kill someone who just got back from a drop ship cause it’s probably stage three bout time the drop ship comes in. Has this changed or not? If not I think it would be better for someone coming back from a drop ship to have one strike so they at least have a chance.


It sort of exists to give prolonged fights meaning. Monsters have permanent health loss, so do hunters. Monster wouldn’t really get all that much from fighting at any point other than the final fight otherwise.

Also, if you really mind the strikes that much, you can always ask Laz for some help.


Only the monster gets a ‘balanced’ wildlife buff that does restore permanently lost health damage.


Maybe they’ll be an elite perk that allows a hunter to restore 1 strike?


Only Lazarus can prevent them. The permanent damage race is a key mechanic to evolve. Besides 3 Monster is supposed to have the advantage.


Maybe a small addition to elite tyrant?


Yeah, which you have a CHANCE of getting, and even if you do only once per match, and the effect is both super slow and weak. It basically gives you about 5 seconds worth of concetrated damage back in HP. If you wanna talk about balance, let’s talk about the guy who can INFINITELY RESURRECT FALLEN ALLIES. ( I’m not saying Laz is OP or anything, I’m just saying, if we’re considering a tiny, almost insignificant amount of health restoration… )


Maybe. We know that they’ll be adding more biomes/monsters so it’ll be interesting to see. So far Tyrant is in every Biome. It would make sense to have it be with a hostile wildlife also in every Biome. However, I don’t like similar perks being on the same creature. I like that what a monster might consider a not great perk, the hunters love and vice versa. That way you can fight over something that may not even help you in the long run.


The amount of health restored doesn’t matter, the fact that the the hunters can do a very good fight, bring the monster low on health, only to see it ALL restored because they weren’t able to catch him again quick enough.

And you can’t prevent this by killing the elite tyrant. The monster CAN actually prevent the hunters from getting a buff by fully eating the corpse. All the hunters can do is wait till it has decomposed. And with the elite tyrant being a 4 meat treat, that can take a while. What, so the hunters have to camp the corpse of an elite tyrant, just to make sure he doesn’t get his hands on it and un-does all their hard work?


Again, I think you’re seriously overestimating the amount of healing it does. I got it several times during the alpha, it absolutely did NOT heal me back up to full.

What would happen in your scenario is ( unless I’m severely mistaken here ), the hunters do a very good fight, bring the monster low on health, only to see that it got maybe half a segment of HP back because it found a tyrant and ate it. They then proceed to fight it again and win, because the regen is, in fact, slow and weak, not a dramatic near-instant full recovery like you’re making it out to be.


Yeah, I agree. I think the tyrant perk would have much better functionality and balance if it removed a strike from the hunters.


Alright, let’s base it of some facts then. Here’s a video from Ghostrobo which is a good example:

The match goes back and forth; he gets some strikes on the hunters, they deal a good amount of permanent damage to his health. After a long and bloody fight, he decides to make a run for it. The hunter’s, recovering, reviving fallen teammates or waiting for new ones to arrive on the dropship, can’t just go right after him.

Meanwhile, at 12:10, he get’s hold of the tyrant buff. He then skips the video to where the buff almost has expired: ± 4 bars of health restored in 5 minutes. I agree that it is relatively slow, but think of the time it takes for the hunters to find and trap the monster again in such a situation.

And that’s my problem with the buff: A good fight, damage done on both sides. Both have to be more careful next fi- oh wait NOPE! he got his hands on the buff and restores pretty much 2/3rd of all his health.


They also gave the Monster 5 minutes of free reign. If the Hunters knew there was an elite Tyrant perk on the map, they should have known better. Also, kill that Tyrant if you see it. That way the Monster can’t use it later in the round. If he does pick it up, it won’t heal for as much. While I can understand that it may seem powerful, it’s just because people aren’t countering it correctly.

Most asymmetrical games see this. The result is that the meta will balance itself out once a dominant strategy appears. Heck, one orbital barrage and you can leave the critter alone as it will be dead. You can fire the orbital from a LOOOONG distance as well.

Also, that is 5 minutes that are wasted against the Monster. Try to go for a Timer Win at the end. You’d be surprised at how effective that can be if the group knows what they are doing.


Alright, I admit that it’s a bit more significant than I remember it. However : that’s 6 minutes. A typical match lasts about 10, if I remember. If the hunter team can’t track down the monster for 5 minutes, including a somewhat lengthy and very loud fight with a tyrant, I think they might deserve the disadvantage. Although, yeah, I concede, the number MIGHT need tweaking.


But as you can see, the hunters are not searching for the monster. Also doesn’t the perk gets interrupted when the monster is fighting? Wasn’t it like the armor wich stops recovering when the monster is in combat and starts after some time out of combat again? Since the monster got to stage three the hunters where hanging around the power relay doing nothing with the monster. In my opinion, it was their foult. They gave the monster the option to recover for five minutes and he took it.


Agreed, the elite tyrant MUST always be killed, no excuses during a match. Though i’d like to know the time it takes to decay. Same for the Elite Mammoth Bird, who even has a chance of being eaten by a nearby carnivore.

And yea, we’ve never really thought of a timer win. We pretty much assumed the match was lost as soon as the monster was stage 3 and we haven’t done any significant permanent damage to him.


Euhm… isn’t that what you do when the monster has reached stage 3? You fall back to a defensive position and try your best since the odds are stacked against you. Unless you are pretty close to him and he still has low armor from evolving, you pretty much got to fall back and bunker up.

And that is fine; You bunker up, he is stage 3 and get’s full armor. and whoever did the most permanent damage in previous fights will have an edge. but NOT if that bloody buff happens to be on the map :frowning:


Yeah yeah, I know but after a day or two, I tried it out with a friend to track the monster even if it is stage three. We where circeling on fusion plant in large rounds around the plant and have seen him by getting closer. Then we took the chance and started a fight with him by the little house in the joungle.(me medic, he trapper btw) After some time the other team members joined us in the dome. We already destroyed the little armor he had(because we found him so early after evolving, you see ;)) and he was taking a little damage from crits of my trapper-friend. The rest of the team joined and started to shot everything into the monsters health bar. But then he killed Marcov and Bucked in no time. He had two bars left and it was just a Val and Maggie. He was doing much damage to my friend and I was healing but then jumped behind a stone so he won’t kill me. Trapper went down and the monster was looking for me. I got around the stone and managed to revive my friend. Then the monster leaped in and got us both but me survived and got a little bit away from the monster. I shot with the sniper and my friend with his weapon and just as he was infront of me with a chargte, he died.


I think most of the games where the Monster was beating us soundly and/or we couldn’t find the Monster because we just sucked (Or I was pugging) winning with time worked most of the time. I know it sounds funny, but have Daisy or your Trapper start the dropship timer while you guys scatter and poke the monster should it try and attack the objective. (I only say Trapper because they are arguably the weakest in a Stage 3 final objective fight) (Side note: Composition also matters. For instance, if you have Hank trapper becomes more useful)


A close fight, just the way I like them. Well done. Though I don’t see how a stage 3 monster doesn’t whipe the floor with you if two team members are lagging behind. Makes me question the skill of the monster player.