Strike removal

I feel like a good thing where if you have 2 strikes and die and respawn from dropship you should lose at least one of your strikes against you since a stage 3 monster can easily one shot you or multiple people the moment you land basically removing any hopes you have at coming back, i know alot of people will disagree with me, but Its just to even the odds a little more at S3 or if people die way to early and of its the medic can screw a team

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I also think they should be at one strike.

It seems odd to wait all that time for a drop ship to essentially start over with what, half health?

I’m not sure what exactly the answer is, it just feels odd to me to start over with so little health.

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I agree with this but can also see kind of why people can think otherwise. However to be fair to what your saying if the whole team has two strikes it becomes almost impossible to win from there if the monster is stage 3 also due to the fact that they will just go straight to drop ship which take 1 min+. Whereas even if the monster has the lowest of health they can always bring it back by armoring up so it’s abit harsh that everyone on a team can nearly be one hit targets

I would argue then that the monster’s armor (all monsters) needs to go up. Strikes are like damaging the monster’s health bar, it’s what keeps the game “balanced” as the monster loses health, so do the hunters.

I can see two strikes being frustrating but resetting to one strike after a dropship respawn is a pretty big hunter buff. IF the game needs it to be less frustrating, so be it. Just we’ll need to give the monster an appropriate counter buff because atm the game is fairly balanced in the “health attrition race” part of the game.


I see your point and it’s a fair one, what if it’s only if all four hunters get two strikes and it only happens once then they get reset to one strike so then you don’t have the hunters getting a buff of sorts?

I understand what your saying but a Goliath’s rock, kraken like lightning and a wraiths decay can all one shot a full health double strike hunter it would just stop people from dieing instantly the moment they land which I’ve seen happen alot just something else to add to rebalance since its in the monsters favor

But if you think about it strikes are strategies in the game. Think about all the damage the monster should have took (if you have a good assault) while giving each hunter a strike. It’s not like the monsters health can regenerate. And of course strikes can be on account of the medic not healing you enough or not being good enough but it can also be a punishment for a mistake you made, I like the system as is.

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I don’t think there is a problem with the current system and I dont think the OP does, what they are just saying is that when all hunters or most are on two strikes it’s almost a snowball effect where they cannot recover to the extent of playing long enough to do anything; whereas even though the health of the monster cannot regenerate (unless they find an elite tyrant) they can always get food and re armor and technically have a bar worth of it to fight again whereas if laz is not on the team there isn’t any chance for the hunters to do the same.

Next thing you see is people with 2 strikes jumping into a plant to get a strike less.


Instead of removing a strike, maybe it doesn’t instantly kill anymore? Instead you just go down. That way it’s still easier for the monster to knock you down but you don’t go instantly to dropship with no rez (unless Lazarus of course).

I think that is the golden goose there haha!, that would mean also it wouldn’t take the monster long to kill the player outright but it’s better than dropping down from the dropship and getting insta killed by a nomad or a mammoth bird and then waiting another 1 and a half minutes which I’ve seen happen and then you seen the disconnects and know thata it then :laughing:

Funny as that is they’d still have to wait through the ship timer so it’s not a great choice haha; I instantly knew that when there’s a way to exploit something someone will find a way to do it :laughing:

I fully expect trappers to go suicide in ESL level play soon already to get the timer going. Probably around the time the dome exploit gets fixed where you can leave as a trapper.

Strikes are a hard thing to deal with since they are the ONLY reason for a monster to engage pre stage 3 right now and actually fight in domes. IF you make the strikes have less meaning it will cause most monsters to go completely evasive in the dome and always go for stage 3 without an engage.

I have played a few custom games with strikes disabled to help the hunters and I can tell you it is very frustrating as the monster basically causing me to play coward monster till 3 since there is no point fighting before then. If you do fight it costs health and you get no gain.

Even dropping to one strike on death would cause this same frustration and also partially cause laz to be less effective.

It might make sense that on spawn hunters have a small “armor” buff that acts like health that is not heal-able taking the spot of one strike to help prevent that initial drop ship wipe.

If it it an exploit that is nobody really knows; they didn’t say anything about it so I think everybody’s in limbo until they confirm or deny it as an exploit or if they left it intentionally as surely they couldn’t miss something like that in testing

Yeah, I really hate the idea of instantly dying with 2 strikes. Then again it’s a sensitive thing to change, I just feel like a good number of mechanics in this game is geared towards really high level play to pull off.

At least if I have the ability to go incap with 2 strikes it gives me a chance at least.

Hey, why not start with an assault shield from the drop ship, one that lasts 30 seconds and is as tough as the one on the aforementioned assault, to ward off ambushing the drop ship and giving a revived hunter a chance.

I do like the two strike incap idea but if not why not keep it as it is but instead when all hunters are on two strikes the dropship counter is halved so it’s not so harsh that your so easy to be killed?

As a monster main I don’t like the idea. In Evacuation there is a map effect that lets hunters remove strikes and maybe I could see making it a map buff, but I would like it to be either of the following:

Remove all current strikes
Hunters do not get down penalties

The first one would be a one time deal, you pick up the perk and all strikes you have are cleared, whether you have 2 or none. The second one would be on a timer similar to how all the other perks work currently.

In Hunt I can almost kill a 2 strike hunter with a level 3 Lighting Strike or Rock Throw but you know what, that’s fair. The reward for me constantly doing damage or engaging when I was at a disadvantage is that when I get to Stage 3 I can clean house. I see it like when the hunters have done their job tracking me and getting that health damage in and then I come at them with only 1/2 health.

The only part that seems unfair is that the Health Regen perk favors the monster a little bit because of the larger health pool. But even that is a flawed argument because while the hunters can keep coming back, barring they all get wiped at the same time, once my health hits 0 its game over.

Pff… Yeah right lets not make it easier for the hunters than it already is