Strike fear into their hearts


"Look at me guys! Fear my FABBBBBB-you-luss-ness, bitches!"


Not as bad as this


That skin complements your eyes soo we-wait a second…

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I wonder why its only $2.99 for XBone…

Might be a different currency, not my pic. Just one I found on the forum

That’s all it cost me. Must be exchange rates.

They’re like five dollars each for me…

Huh. Us currency or yours

USD. Which is even MORE in AUD. -_- They’re just milking me now.

Confirmed, all mods and leaders are secretly cows

You can kind of milk a rose for nectar, so no, I am not.

I know MaddCow is. Or is he?

That’s not milking, entirely different process

I don’t care.

Fine, you’re “not” a bovine /sarcasm

And you are totally not Michael. /Sarcasm.

I would DARE be seen on shear without my darling cosmic skin. Monsters have gotta keep fresh

Why? 10 char.

Why what? :open_mouth:

Why the gif? :laughing: