Street Fighter 5 Release Disaster!


Capcom/Street Fighter : Big Names, High Hopes but the Reality is far from Expectations.

Graphical Issues, Slowdowns, Input Problems, Bugs, not enough content, a lot of DLC… hmm sounds familiar?
BUT the main Problem is… Multiplayer doesnt work. Maybe they fixed it now, but it didnt work at release.
Dont get me wrong. I love Evolve and Street Fighter and i am playing SF4 since 09 and Evolve since Release. I am pretty good at USF4 an pretty bad at Evolve.

I still dont get why this companies release unfinished games like this. Of course i dont know what is going on behind the scenes. Probably a lot of financial preassure, but in the end they are just ´´´´´´´´ themselves.
It is disturbing, if this is the way that the Gaming Industry takes in the Future.

Like is said : I have no clue about this business, but that is my opinion as a comsumer who is also a random guy on the internet with bad english skills.


What’s bizarre is beta was a LOT more polished than release- THAT SAID, People claim that the Nvidia driver update could have been one of the causes of the frame capping and slowdowns… But damn, it was horrid to play in. >_>


I don’t even know if I have a Nvidia driver :?


You do if you have an Nvidia graphics card :stuck_out_tongue:


Haha…but no I don’t have a Nvidia card, driver

Is that bad?


It is… It’s completely unpredictable and happens in practically any game mode from what I’ve seen. It’s virtually impossible to play in slowmode >_>

I dunno if it happens on console, though…


I’m on PC

I have no idea if you replied to me though

Anyways I’ll stop derailing, I have an episode of Gravity Falls to watch


Crapcom just released an unfinished product again…

60 bucks but no arcade mode in a beat em up.
60 bucks but only 16 characters.
60 bucks but find a match online in 30 minutes (but it’s stable)
60 bucks but a “story mode” finished in 45 minutes with all characters.

But i have to admit the netcode (no lag at all) and the actual game play for itself is great.

Conclusion, wait for the “super turbo hyper mega giga ultra ultimate Street fighter 5 edition”…


A lot of the time it’s that the publisher set a release date and the developer didn’t have/find the time to finish all that they wanted to. But they’re stuck with that date unless it’s pushed back for whatever reason.

The games are also usually submitted to companies like Sony and Microsoft about a month before the release date and that’s why there is always a Day One Patch to install, it’s the fixes they added after the game was already going through.


As someone who doesn’t have enough money for XBL and PS+ the lack of single player modes kills it for me, and is really weird after sf4 had some really good offline support. There’s also no infinite time option for the 2p only versus mode.


Keep supporting Capcom, especially their SF games.

People deserve this from how they’ve accepted Capcom’s awful business tactics.



Or Crapcom.

People are probably waiting for Super Mega Hyper Edition ex + Alpha


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