Stream is there!


No one commentating on the fact that the intro character videos are updated/different?


I bet in this coming week we will. Cross your fingers :smiley:


That’s what you said last week? :slight_smile:


You can remember back that far?!? I dont remember if I ate breakfast or not :stuck_out_tongue:

The truth is though, I was using Shear time, and this time I am using earth time… A week on Shear is two weeks on earth didnt you know?


They said by the end of the month


Who’s they and when :slight_smile:


I recall in a video a third party said that they heard the monster would be released later this month


xD thats sounds official and real!


At the beginning of the video/stream he says maybe next week :stuck_out_tongue:


I don’t know, a guy in an evacuation video that was posted last night in a thread


He does say maybe next time :slight_smile: I would guess that the third monster would be in the beta to be tested, so maybe with a bit of luck, we’ll get an announcement early next week and a playthrough on the livestream of monster number 3.


That goliath was so careless. Always charging in before his armor was back


I dont mean to offend but the monster player was lousy at hunt. He really should have put more distance between him and the hunters before he started to eat or evolve. He was so close there was no question that they would find him.


You don’t need a lot of distance before you start eating/evolve.


well i dont think you should do it while their in sniff range, thats close enough to hear you and find you when the evolve marker pops up


You can always outrun the hunters, it’s a risk you take to evolve fast. If you do it right you can be stage 2 within a minute or less.


I think you’re underestimating how good the Hunters were. I think that such a good team should be able to keep up with and take down the Monster as they did. The Monster is already easier to win with, so a good team of Hunters would definitely give the Monster a reason to sweat.

Considering how good the Hunters were, I would be sorely disappointed if the Monster wasn’t up against the wall.