Streak Bonuses for Ranked Matches Please

I played 10 games, got Mid-silver. Everyone I fight is now 1 point. The game is low in population. I am probably only going to run into higher silvers / golds if they are a premade.

This system is going to make me grind on 1 point nom noms until I fight a gold premade and get facewrecked. The bronze will quit. The gold will get bored. Please let me out of limbo.

Perhaps Xbox is different given population. On PC, you need to remove the middle class / grant wider ability to play different skill groups. Remove 2 ranks per group, or kill silver, or increase the ability for groups to mingle. There are not enough players to fill these strata.

Edit: Just won another match against all Silvers. +1 point. Leaderboard score stated 130. Leaderboard rank in menu went from 60 to 61. I don’t even know what these things mean anymore.

Edit: Just met my first premade. Slim Markov Jack Hank. KPV or something. Dodged 2 domes, got stage 3, lost after losing fight. Lost 14 points, first Gold Rank 5 I’ve yet to see. I’m happy that I was able to fight a Gold Rank 5 (rest were silvers) but I get the feeling I will never see him outside of a premade.

Edit: Fought a group of all silvers, got 23 points! Hooray things working. Found another group of silvers, guy quit, matchmaking resets. Sad day. New group is bronze and determining. Time to involuntarily influence the participating population.