Strategy vs new Wraith?

Hi all, I have noticed a lack of discussion on how to counter the new Wraith. I’m expecting a lot of lame posts about how it’s no different or “just stick together” but I am hoping for some pleasant surprises.

Specifically: what hunter comps with what perks, what to say to teammates when, etc. I think I could win a lot more often if I could get my team to stop behaving like the new Wraith is any other monster and getting lots of stacks all the time for no reason.

It’s still the same. Only difference is she now has better initial burst and good follow up dps. Back then it’s more forgiving to get Abducted by a Wraith alone. Now it’s sudden death.

She still is squishy and is sht against deployables. As long as you can keep whoever she’s focusing alive long enough for you to deal hp dmg.


This. Maggie and Markov will really limit her movement and damage her as well. I’ve yet to find a good medic but I would guess PaPa would be good against her. Bucket or Hank would be a good Support as well.

Wraith is all about burst damage. She doesn’t do very well in long, drawn-out fights since she has so little health and armour.

With regards to comps, I’d say you either want a defensive comp (Hank/Sunny, Val/Caira) to protect teammates from the burst. However you’d need to make sure your medic/support are able to keep themselves alive since they will become public enemy #1.

Alternatively you could take a damage comp (Cabot/Kala/Bucket, Slim/Papa/R.Val). Wraith does not have much health at all. Capitalise on that. You’ll probably take some strikes along the way but with the damage you’ll be outputting, that Wraith is toast.

Wraith struggles with destroying deployables, so characters like Bucket, Emet, both Maggies etc can prove a challenge for her. Abe/Crow with their stasis can also be very annoying.

Make sure your always with 1 other person. Wraith can burst a lone hunter down very fast. If your going to split, do splits of 2. Stay within 20m of your buddy and you won’t get stacks. If you do have 3+ stacks, stick with your support/medic because you are going to be a juicy target.

Always be ready to boost backwards when you go around a corner. Wraith could be waiting to ambush your abduct you. Save that jetpack fuel for when you really need it!

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I think it’s about the same, except that you don’t need to stay that much away from your team.

As a wraith my greatest fear are fighting hunters focused on dealing lots of damage. My last match I was vs such a team, and I only won because the assault was stupid enough to chase me at stage 3 instead of waiting on the relay; but before that I had next to none hp, and only depending on my shield. I suppose he got cocky.

You want counter a wraith… ???


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I adore strategy crafting. I’d say that my preferred approach would be full trap team: Bucket, EMET, (w?) Maggie, and (b?) Markov.

Wraith’s greatest strength is her mobility and burst damage, while her greatest weakness is consistent damage and area control (specifically in the form of traps)

Markov and Blitz provide strong area denial with mines and consistent damage output with the lightning gun lock on.

Maggie and Wasteland push the area control with harpoon traps, but now more importantly, daisy helps hunters have an easier time dealing with isolation, plus she provides good tracking while wraith is being sneaky.

EMET can create effective healing zones using the rest of the team’s deployable as a safe zone, and if the wraith manages to burst a teammate down he can beacon the fallen back into the hunt. Plus homing rockets add to the consistent damage nicely.

Finally, bucket brings it all together with consistent damage from deployable turrets and his refresher to make markov less easy to burst down, helps Maggie track, and gives EMET faster heal bursts to mitigate Wraith’s bursty damage output.


I like EMET, Maggie, waggie kala and hank/sunny with markov or Hyde as assault.
I don’t like blitz markov because I’ve noticed things like abduct, warp blast and traverse often break his beam which kills his damage and reg markov is more consistent v wraith imo.
I also think Jack, Abe and crow are good but Maggies deployed cc seems to do wonders and flame daisy helps melt away that pesky armor

I fought a few matches as wraith and i can only say: the jackal destroys you.
The repulsor blocks the warp blast, abduct and of course your general traversal. So the only ability you can more or less use when the repulsor is up is the decoy.
That said my ideal antiwraith-comp would be:
Markov (mines)
Kala (armor drainer punishes hit and run)
??? (Cant think of a medic that counters her)

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Easy… stay close to your team. Evade passive… done.

Awesome reply, thank you.

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Val, Papa, and slim (good aim required)

High single target heals destroy Wraith as she cannot spread damage. She is all about bursting one person down, she has to do this, more than Goliath needs to.

So matvhing up high single target healers with a defensive support -> nobody dies.

My ideal team to fight her is

@Hxxx This is a brainless reply, man. :frowning: Your whole team is going to stay perfectly within a tiny 20m diameter at all times? Or two of you at a time? Think about it and tell us how you get a team to do that consistently and accurately WITHOUT losing your ability to chase the monster and let us kow your secret, I’m very interested. Really! :grinning:

I think you are missing the 2 conditions for the passive to work. You need to be away from your team X amount and close to the monster X amount. Check the patch notes. 2 conditions with AND logic.

In practice it is pretty easy to get stacks on hunters since the passive works within 60 meters of the monsters but you only need 20 meters of distance from teammates. Think about a hunter like Crow or Val, normally they would position on an elevated platform at least 30-40 meters away from the team in a dome. If they do that against Wraith however it will be easy for the Wraith to engage another hunter for 10-15 seconds at a time and build up stacks on Val or Crow before hard focusing them. Also on the chase it is not unusual for only the trapper or Assault to have jet pack to chase the monster and get chip damage, while the rest of the team lags behind. They will almost certainly pick up a stack or 2 chasing for chip damage that will be there at the start of the next engagement.

Teams with more ranged hunters like Crow, Val, Sunny, Hank, Renagabe, are more vulnerable against Wraith because they have to sacrifice positioning or risk the burst damage from isolation stacking.

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Ruins my day everytime

@Hxxx The problem isn’t that I didn’t read and understand the patch notes, the problem is that I’ve played against the new Wraith and seen how easy it is to stack up even when you ARE aware of how it works and are trying to get a team to follow suit. I can see you don’t have anything to add so thanks for at least trying to help but knowing how the passive works was never the problem which I have tried to make very clear.

Read Tayloe’s reply. He understands what I’m talking about.

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It’s like 5 times harder to see Wraith in supernova. I shoot the clone by accident, and in blink of an eye, I find my teammates dead or we killing the Wraith.

Camp the relay

She’ll have no passive, a huge hitbox and still a low amount of health.
Every time I did that with my team she lose half its health for one incap (if there’s any).

Thanks for all the interesting replies everyone. Has anyone found a change in perk choices has been helpful? Not necessarily a change in perks because of the refactor but just because wraiths are more frequent now?