Strategy/Perk for Abe?


I usually play Hank, but I’ve been getting into Abe recently. What perk do you guys think is best for him? I’ve been using faster reload, since shotgun is burst.

Also, anyone have any good strategies for this hunter? I typically just dart things as I go along and once the monster is domed I keep my distance for a bit as I hit him with some stasis grenades. Once he’s real slow I’ll move in and light him up.

Been working well for me, but I realize a lot of other people have much more experience with this class. Any tips?


I use jetpack boost when at all possible, but if Laz is healer i go for health regen. The shotgun really shouldnt be used that much by Abe to merit the reload perk. He needs speed to keep darting the monster


I use Capacity Increase to get 9 shots in his Shotgun.


This for me. Jet pack is great when that monster wants to get out of the dome and the only way is over your dead body.


Weapon Swap: Stasis Grenades actually slow Abe down for the entire reload, it is actually possible to throw one, swap out and back, and retain your movespeed without missing a beat. Weapon Swap just really helps with dropping the dome faster and using everything you’ve got.

Reload/recharge: It’s just a good perk to have. I believe it works on the dome, but that could be me feeling optimistic.

Jump height: Valuable for everything from chasing the monster to running from it. Going uphill? You get a lot more out of the jetpack thrust. Running from a monster? With just a jump, the monster’s melee knockbacks are now throwing you upward, which is generally out of his reach for a precious few seconds.


I’ve found jet pack is the way to go. It’s useful when catching up with the monster for a dome, plus once the dome falls, it can help you keep up with the monster to try to keep them slowed for a little extra damage.


Okay here’s a pro tips.

Perk you need is weapon switch perk.
And dont Dart everything.
A steady aim shot will be much more usefull than PREY AND SPRAY.
now you got ~40 secs on a monster

When im playing Abe im relying on tracks,broken trees and screaming wildlife (if its Goliath or Kraken their steps sound)
That should do well in combination with a good map knowing.
And its enough to dart a monster or put it in a dome.
In dome try to throw grenade than insta switch to shotgun-fire till click.
Grenades should be thrown any time you feel monster gonna get out from theirs aoe and dont forget to track dart him every 30 secs.
If monster still be alive after 1st dome u go this.
Jump with jet pack-throw a grenade-then shoot him a bit and dont forget to dart him. This combo will help you stay on a monster track and shut him in 2nd dome for 100%.

Any questions pm me ill give my steam Id and show you on a broadcast how this works.


Personally I prefer jet pack recharge speed. Use it in combat to dodge those heavy hits like a leap smash or boulder from Goliath, a lightning strike or shock wave from Kraken, or a Supernova from Wraith. It can help you keep up with the monster as well. Once in combat I tend to keep distance and spam stasis grenades. If he stays in their aoe or body camps I switch to shotgun till I lose two or more grenades or he stops camping. The shotgun deals more damage than you might think, especially with head shots. Don’t quick-fire unless he’s in your face. Right before the dome goes down, dart the Lug.

When i start i usually look for a trail. If they leave one I follow it till I can draw a bead on him. I don’t really fire the tracking dart at wildlife much on the chase. If I loose the trail I usually start darting smaller and midsize wildlife till he disturbs birds. Then it’s back on the hunt. If early on you suspect a stealthy monster, the majority of the game, dart as much as you can and follow up any leads.

Abe’s biggest advantage is that once you find the monster it’s incredibly difficult to get away after the fist dome. When the domedrops get a dart in him spam stasis grenades till you get recharged and in range to dome again, alternating to darts if he starts getting out of sight. Better to have him tracked for the long haul then slowed for another 10 seconds in most cases. If your on his tail I would keep up the stasis and let the rest of the team do damage, your shotgun’s good but it isn’t enough damage to offset keeping him slowed.

Wraith can be your weakness. Her warp can easily put her out of stasis and dome range, so focus on damage and darts, that grenade won’t do much in the end if she decoy’s till she can warp again or simply warp blast’s out. Keep tabs on her and shred that health and armor when possible. Try to save your dome for if you haven’t seen her decoy or warp and pour on the damage. Smart players will wait till you throw it then scamper out before the wall can come down. Slowing you down and burning your dome. If you do want to dome, throw it and then throw stasis grenades in her predicted direction of travel. It may not do much but it can be enough to shut her in with you.

Hope this helps!


Do use stasis on Wraith in the dome though! It can kill a supernova.


I mainly play him.
And to be honest, I find fast weapon-switch-time to be the best.

Because as Abe, you will switch through all items rather quickly.
Dart => Dome => Dart => Slownade => Shotgun => Slownade, etc. etc.


Why would you not dart everything lol?


Its a waste of time. usefull only if you know that monster will walk this path. Im darting only buff creatures. And the most of time im on monsters tail like a hell hound.


If it’s a good monster you can’t be on his ass until you dart him with Abe because he should be sneaking lol. Then your best chance is to dart as much as you can without slowing down too much.


Well i rely not only on tracks-its fallen trees,eaten bodies,sounds and ofc birds.
after monster located i let assault and medic chase him while me and supp will be cutting him off.
From monster to monster time of locating em is different but its maximum untill its evolve into stage 2.


The hardest thing with a good monster-is placing a good dome and staying alive in it.


I typically run with Jetpack Recharge on Abe to help with mobility since it’s multi-functional, you can cover good ground with it when looking for the monster, as well as get some more dodges in there when you’re fighting. I don’t find much an issue with darting everything that you come across as long as it doesn’t slow you down excessively and you’re not already on the monsters trail. Like any other trapper, if you can cut the monster off it’s especially potent on Abe since getting a dart in to a monster is pretty punishing, even if you don’t quite make it to dome range on the initial cut off, you can usually use the information from the dart to catch up for an arena. Your first priority as the trapper is always going to be finding the monster, once you’ve engaged it, I like to just find a nice high area and get stasis grenade coverage, replacing them to help team members, keeping a dart in him, and only really swapping to the shotgun once that’s taken care of.