Strategist tophy will not pop


Playing on Ps4. I’ve watched all the tutorial videos twice. From beginning to end. The trophy will not unlock.


I believe you have to watch them all outside of the ‘extras’ section. I watched them all to, but it wasn’t until I saw the final advanced video that I got in during an Evac game.


hmm. I was wondering if that’s the case. so that would mean unlocking all characters as well then. correct?


Correct. At least what I’m pretty sure it’s designed to do. The ‘in game’ tutorials cannot be skipped. The ones in the ‘Extras’ can. So I’m thinking they can’t tell if someone watched 1 second or all of it. Just my reasoning.


I’m not sure. the ps trophy site says just watch them in extras but. trophy info isn’t too in depth atm. so. guess we will see.


Idk i think thr trophies are messed up, some of mine are locked again, like the tutorial ones…


On xbox I watched them all in the “extras” section, and when they were given to me as I played every game mode and as ever character. There is no character in the game I haven’t played more than twice and I’ve played ever game mode as well. Yet I still do not have this achievemnt and it’s bugging me because I have almost ever achievement in the game, and I’m looking to pick up the last few I don’t have.


I don’t know if this helps at all because I’m playing on PC, but I got my Strategist achievement from watching the videos in the Extras menu.


Not sure if watching them in the extras count. Best bet would be to go to solo (Because the advanced tutorials are only shown there) and run through all the characters just to be sure.


Thank you very much.


Did you get it? :smile:


Yeah, it’s very likely you missed an advanced video for one of the hunters or monster. I know the videos in extras are required because I got mine after watching the advanced wraith video


So after watching all the videos before and never getting it I played a custom game the other day and it gave me Parnells video even though I have played as him countless times before and watching his video previously. It gave me the trophy after that. No idea whats up with that.


I’m not sure if the ‘extras’ videos count. I think you need to see them all through some sort of solo experience.


Yeah, I JUST went through a whole bunch of solo matches, restarting them picking another character, searching for the vids I was missing. It was frick’n bucket’s advanced vid was the 1 I was missing. Thank God that’s done.


Glad it helped :slight_smile:


just played a match with sunny, on her 3 stars. I didn’t get a point in her shield drone, even tho the shielded points for that game was 4300, which, last I checked, is more than 3000. btw, same thing happened earlier with her jetback booster. 41 seconds of boosting, more than 40, and still no point. This game :confused:


I unlocked that achievement on PC after watching them all in Extras, so… vOv