Strategies to combat Kraken and Behemoth, anyone?


I really don’t want this to be a this monster is OP nerf that kind of thread. But I am having trouble with these specific monsters. No, I don’t pub that often. I have a full group of friends I play with almost every night and we practice strategies but to be completely honest we have tried so many different strategies and hunter combos against these two monsters and still can’t find anything that sticks.

The other monsters are not nearly an issue, but here is what we are having trouble with for each monster.

Behemoth: I am finding on the forums here that the general consensus to fighting him is to keep your distance in an X formation. Okay… but here is our problem here. This means assault only really uses his ranged weapon, which can do some pretty lame damage. We find that with this strategy we just can’t eat up his armor in time before he rolls away across the map again. Also, his fissure has a very large width and can hit you while in the air and can usually clip you even if you use a couple jetpack bursts, which is annoying. These are just a couple things that we are having issues with, but there are a lot more. I find that with Behemoth a small mess up like getting hit by a fissure or a tongue grab can almost cost the hunters the game, especially if its the medic…which is usually me.

Kraken: Over the time we have played against kraken, we have come to the conclusion that kiting him around pillars is effective and saving jetpack to dodge lightning strikes exclusively. Occasionally I’m unlucky enough to get caught using Slim against a Kraken, which I understand why we would lose there. But the radius on the lightning strike, which can destroy anyone who gets hit by it, seems huge…alot like fissure. I really focus specifically against Kraken on saving my jetpack only for the lightning strikes, but even when I use all my jetpack to burst out of the way, I end up getting clipped. We’ve noticed that Behemoth and Kraken seem to be opposites in the fact that it seems better to trap Kraken indoors or in a cave and Behemoth better in the open. They seem, however, same in the fact that it is difficult to get health off of them as Kraken is hard to hit and Behemoth has loads of armor.

If anyone has tips for me and my team or hunter combinations that could counter both of these, it would be very appreciated. My team and I have been stuck in the Bronze destroyer bracket for weeks now because we are getting matched with either determining rank(which awards 1 point) or silver skilled(which awards maybe 4 points?) yet we lose several for each loss. These are the two monsters that have been giving us loads of trouble and have been killing the game for me and my team because we can’t seem to find any effective strategies. Help!

I typically play Medic or Support. I have Laz mastered and Hank mastered. But I have been steering clear of Laz for a while trying to broaden my skill set. I play Slim, Val, Caira mostly.


Kraken can be a tough fight. He’s not my area of expertise, but I have played a lot of Behemoth, so I’ll tell you what I can.

Regarding strengths, Behemoth can be very tanky, and he excels at Area Denial. Even if you decide where to catch him with the Dome, he can still manipulate the environment to give him the upper hand. His roll builds momentum, so he gets faster and faster as he rolls, as well as accelerates when going downhill and decelerates when going uphill. Typically from Behemoth players, you can expect them to run Damage Boost, Damage Reduction or, my personal favorite, Traversal Recharge.

Regarding weaknesses, Behemoth does have quite a few. Being so enormous, he gets little opportunity to refill armor in the middle of a fight, and he needs more time to run away so he can armor up, due to his size. Obviously, one of his biggest weaknesses is that he stands still and reveals his weakpoint whenever he uses an ability. Your Assault should always be in front of Behemoth to take advantage of this. Speaking of Assaults, due to the armor nerf that Behemoth received and the bullet resistance false-buff, Behemoth takes a lot of damage from the Assault. If keeping your distance is a priority, maybe have your Assault practice with Torvald or Parnell, both of which have excellent long-range, non ballistic weapons.

The ‘X’ formation doesn’t have to be a perfect X, by the way. I actually would rather envision it like orbiting comets. When Behemoth is focusing down other Hunters, you can get a little closer to him. In terms of who plays who most, who is typically the Support Hunter, the Trapper and the Assault? That might help give me a better idea on how to make Bob less stressful.

As a Medic, your ‘orbit’ should always be the farthest away from Bob, and you should work to be behind him, if not out of sight. Fissure+Tongue Grab is a nasty combo that sets you up to take a TON of damage. Watch for where Behemoth slams the ground - he will probably try to predict where you will be rather than aim at where you are. Don’t be afraid to run counter to the flow of the group when fighting him to avoid the Fissure and conserve some fuel.

If you’re Slim, keep sporing, and make a lot of use of your healing bugs. It’s dangerous to get close so those will probably wind up helping out a lot with heals. Only use your shotgun if Behemoth starts to rush you down so you can pump out the heal bursts. If you’re Val, alternate between tranqs and Medgun. Save your heal burst for yourself or somebody who’s really in trouble. Caira can keep the most distance out of all of them with her grenade launcher - if you play her against Bob, make sure that if he decides to focus on you that he has to put a lot of effort into getting within swinging distance of you.

Hope that helps!


This is good information! And the hunter combos that we usually run with are these here:

Laz, Tech Hank, Wasteland Maggie, Parnell

Val, Hank, Wasteland Maggie, Hyde

If I am playing support, the combo will most likely look like this

Rogue Val, Hank, Wasteland Maggie, Parnell

Our trapper is most comfortable with wasteland maggie, and she seems like a no brainer to have that ease of tracking and an extra reviver if needed. But when I’m trapper, I find Abe to be effective, just hard to initially find the monster before stage 2 if the monster knows how to sneak well.

For the most part though, we usually have hank as support in either form, and maggie as trapper in either form. We mix and match assault and medic but it will usually be some variation of Val or Laz. I like Caira, I just think i’m not good with her. I find it hard to aim he green balls well in the heat of battle with everyone jetpacking everywhere.

Something that would be extremely helpful to me is finding some videos of high ranked players playing against these monsters where I can hear all their communication and what they do to counter them. Does anyone know of any videos out there? All I can find are random broadcasts of people pubbing or playing monster in lower ranks.


If you want you can check out my streams of my team playing hunt 2.0, lately we have been screwing around with the comp EMET BUCKET, and works… surprisingly well…

But yeah, we play against Behemoth and Kraken non-stop here on ps4, unfortunately.
My Twitch name is demonhunter1245


Hmmm i’ll check that out. Never really found EMET to be the medic for me, but I may just not understand him. Thank you


My tips against Kraken:

  • Don’t stand on top of pillars, instead use pillars as cover when the Kraken focuses you
  • Kraken is weak against cloaking
  • At stage 1 Kraken never use aftershock. In this case try to get closer to him to do more damage. At stage 2 your team has to spread at least 20 meters to each other.
  • Hank or Sunny are mandatory or you lose against a good Kraken without them (my experience)
  • Good Krakens try to focus Hank or Sunny at first, be prepared for this.
  • weak against stasis effects (Abe, Crow)
  • defensive > offensive

My tips against Behemoth:

  • Elevation is your friend. Search for spots where you can jump between pillars.
  • Tongue grab is avoidable if you obscure your line of sight just a little to him when he uses it. (head glitching, trees, Daisy in front of you, etc.)
  • avoid caves at all costs
  • Beam team sucks against him cause rock wall, Cabot is great against it.
  • weak against harpoons
  • offensive > defensive

You can predict the monster pick a little bit through analysing the enemy profile before the start.
Most players will stick just to one at any time, but not everybody…

My experience, there are good and bad match ups with offensive supports but never bad match ups with defensive ones --> everyone just picks a beam team --> Kraken meta


Alright, seems sound. Wasteland Maggie’s good with the DOT damage.

For Laz, you have to be super careful - Behemoth will probably be watching out for you so he can turn you into paste with his SHEER GIRTH. Use Tech Hank’s Orbital Drill or Hank’s Orbital Barrage to discourage body camping and let yourself in for the rez, then get out of there as fast as you can.

Hyde can also use Toxic grenades to drive Bob away, but watch out for Bob leaving a Lava Bomb on top of the downed Hunter. That will put a serious hurt on them and reduce your time to save them.

My only gripe would be Rogue Val. Her chain heals can easily be ruined by Behemoth’s abilities/size, and you already have DOT covered with WM. Maybe look at a different Medic???


Kracken i would say just be in the air strafeing and if hunters get to close use clr to go to the ground then use blow them all away and continue your strafe runs.


will do. i love emet. o and that bucket and emet diolouge is so amazing.


All of this helps a ton, thanks guys. We will keep working on it. I’m curious to try out that emet/bucket combo


I really wouldn’t recommend using EMET/Bucket against a Behemoth if you wanna win. My personal fave on trapper would be Jack, so you can more or less control where Bob will roll to. Assault should be Parnell or Torvald; preferably the latter, since his biggest damage dealer is his mortar gun.


With Kraken, Trapper needs to be on Banshee control. If you have a Markov, he can help out with that (but his main focus is damage). Slim can work against a Kraken, but you need a dome with elevation for Slim to sit on, and it should be small, so Kraken is a decent sized target. A Hank does well with capacity. Alternatively, Caira is good since she can use the Accel field to aid in dodging. Laz can work, but pulling of Rezzes is tricky. If you don’t do enough damage at S1, he can deal better at S2/3. You can still win if your S2/3 domes are good, though. Pretty much all medics can work with the right support and domes.

Trapper is one of the key components to taking down Krakens. The Trapper needs to;

  1. Get one or more domes at S1, in suitable areas so that you can do good damage.
  2. Make domes small were possible (not too small or you will all just be bunched up for damage).
  3. Banshee control.

High damage comps are very strong on Kraken.

There was a topic elsewhere on what the best comps are to face Kraken.

@Nebulai Title edit: I’m editing the title to more accurately reflect what you are asking (At the moment it can easily be read that you are asking for strategies to play as those monsters). I’m torn whether or not to move it to Hunters though, since this pertains to Hunter tactics.


You could always shoot them? Jk jk


Best way to find their weaknesses is to play as them :wink:


True, trapper on banshee duty and getting a good dome for some s1 - s2 dmg…
Fighting Kraken is a dmg race imo.


For behemoth, RVal, Caira, or Emet are good. Hank is always good. Hyde and Torvald shread behemoth, just throw a poison grenade before he uses wall.

Kraken is hard since he can mitigate damage. My best comp is Laz, Hank, and Hyde.


I disagree with this sentiment. Against Behemoth, because it’s tough for him to mitigate properly you really can out DPS him if you run a damaging enough comp. Cabot in particular absolutely wrecks Behemoths.

Against Kraken, however, I find it’s best to turtle down and chip away at him. It’s a war of attrition. Because he’s pretty slow to get away and easy to keep track of, lots of domes throughout the match are needed. If you take a bar here, a bar there, two bars there, another bar while giving minimal forward progress to him. i.e. no strikes, or defensive comp, you’ll be in great shape.

Because the Assault often has trouble getting reliable damage against him, he is able to actively mitigate while fully engaging the team. Unless you have the most accurate team ever, you’ll rarely ever be able to out damage a Kraken. Defense is your best bet against him.

I guess, I’ll pitch in my 2 cents on the topic. Play against lots and lots of Krakens and Behemoths.


  • Go to comp: Rogue Val, Cabot, WLM/Crow, Hyde/Parnell
  • Backup comp: Laz, Cabot, Jack, Torvald
  • You’ll never “out-defense” him. He’s too defensive, with too much armor and health, and the wall. We usually try to be as aggressive as possible. Because Rogue Val and Laz aren’t the best healers in the bunch, you will pick up strikes, people will die. Look at it like a trade. “He got a strike on Trapper at S2. Yeah, but he has 3 bars left. Worth it.” Early domes are absolutely critical. A S1 and S2 evo-dome? You’ll be in a great position. Cabot is far too essential to save people trapped behind the wall. And a Behemoth with everyone shooting at him and the amp on? He just melts. It’s kind of insane. Abuse elevation to the best of your ability. Try and dodge the fissures. Don’t get on his level if you can help it. He wants you there so he can roll you into oblivion, away from the team, and kill you.


  • Go-to comp: Val, Sunny, Abe, Markov
  • Backup comp: Caira, Hank, Crow, Hyde
  • It’s all about defense and harassment. And dodging. Get on his ass early. Should be easy. Most people go loud and proud with Kraken. Once again, those early domes are so, so essential. At S2 or above, keep spread out a fair bit. The aftershock hurts. If it hits more than 1 person? Someone’s going down. The banshees are the worst thing he has to throw at you. I would say “banshee duty” but that isn’t exactly practical. Just try to worry about yourself. Unless it pops in your face, try and take care of it as quickly as possible. I know it’s easier said than done. You just have to hope you can cling to life just long enough that the Assault can lay on enough damage to scare him off. Just turtle down and prepare for a fight. He’ll be bringing it to you. Fighting against Kraken sucks right now. Trust me, I know.


Yeah, IMO fighting a Behemoth is about putting more damage in than he expects to handle. Positioning is important because it allows your assault to get in close and use their most damaging weapons (Torvald excepted). By positioning as much as you can around the Behemoth you ensure that your assault cannot get pounce/rockwalled into and easy incap, but to fight a Behemoth I feel your assault needs to be on the edge of their short-range weapon’s range doing work.

Cabot is always useful against Behemoth, stops rockwall being a real problem, mounts up that damage when an attack is on. If I were to choose who I least wanted to fight as a Behemoth it’d be Cabot, Slim, Abe/Crow and Torvald.


The times I have had success against Kraken, we usually had a trapper who had stasis based CC. Whenever I’m trapper, I take Abe and start chucking them stasis grenades and keeping him darted so he’s got no way of hiding once he’s bright to the ground. Crow has worked fore me as well though.


And I disagree with this. From personal experience, I can say it’s better to have a damage oriented comp (whilst keeping some defence, with a defensive support). So long as you get that S1 damage, you’ll do fine. Other than that it’s just positioning and good-doming.

RV does very well against Kraken. She has the healing capabilities when supported properly, and has good damage, which is very effective on the chase too. WLM also adds good damage, with decent CCing (though not as powerful as stasis is, she ensures S1 domes).