Stranger things Season 2 (Spoilers!)


Gf and I sat down and got through 6 episodes last night, and am still as enchanted by it as the first season.

I won’t go into spoiler territory as it’s still very fresh, and I’m sure people haven’t had the chance.

What I’d like to start the focus of the thread on is the children actors.

They’re incredible. The chemistry in each relationship, and between them all is outstanding in its own right, but I don’t think I’ve seen this many young actors I’ll say now as some are teens, consistently come through.

The acting overall is great, but with some of the heavyweights in the show, they’ve been doing it a long time.

The story is just as mysterious which is awesome too!

Let me know your thoughts, ideas? Hate it? Love it?
Worse than the first?
Better than the first?

Sound off folks!!!


Lalalalala not reading just updating the title lalalalalala


Heyyy, no spoilers yet!!! I promise, I didn’t put it in the title jussssst yet as I’m hoping it can stay spoiler free for a few days as people watch!!


Updated to reflect!


Don’t mind me, just making sure I’m def tracking this thread because Stranger Things is best show. I will [hopefully] be binging it soon (preferably with waffles lol).


I swear to god if anyone spoils anything I haunt you.


I binged the whole series yesterday. it was good.


I got through the first two episodes today.


The Demegorgon was seceretly Audrey ( All along.


Fuck off, Venom. :joy:


Finished it yesterday, can’t wait for this thread to explode when we’ve all seen it!


I started Friday. Got tired around episode 3. Then next thing I know I was finishing episode 6 and wide awake. So good!


On episode 8, gonna finish 9 tonight.


For those interested…

Netflix has “Beyond Stranger Things” which talks about the story, scenes, characters, and more with the writers/directors and the cast.

Beware! it has spoilers!


Yeah I learned about this yesterday, it looks interesting ! I’m at at the fifth episode it’s as great as the first season, clearly one of the best series I ever saw !


Going to plow through the last three episodes after we run out of candy tonight.


I personally think this season is better than last. Although I did like the demogorgon’s design [spoiler]beter than the shadow monster’s I just like how this season feels like it’s on a larger scale with more stuff happening to thicken the plot.


And done. Up way too late…but worth it!


Hope we get something similar going for The Last Jedi.

I swear I won’t even go to Youtube. Just these forums.

Going silent !


I still haven’t finished the finale… tell me, is it good?