Stranger Things for Oculus Go? it's not over

Hello ! I am a Oculus Go User and one of my favorite apps is Face you Fears, but I saw that the Stranger things experience is no longer there. Are they going to start with another lack experience? , otherwise the experience was paid therefore it was from the users.
Are they going to add more experiences for Oculus go? Or just for new platforms? as Oculus Quest.

Hi @Luis_Rambotti,

Our license for Stranger Things was only for a limited time, so we no longer offer this content. Right now, we do not have plans to add additional content to Face Your Fears (FYF) for Oculus Go and GearVR. We also do not have plans to move FYF and its DLC over to the Quest and Rift platforms.

The base installation of FYF from the Oculus store is free to download and play. This included the following doors/content: The Haunting, Skyscraper, and Stranger Things. At this time, Stranger Things is no longer available due to the reason mentioned above.

We appreciate how strongly you feel for this title and its content, however at this time our team is hard at work on our new AAA title.