Strange new bug


I’ve been spawned in a couple games the past few days as a phantom 6th character. But not in like Observer Mode, instead I have a health bar like a monster would have, but I have no health. I also have a Behemoth stamina reticule, but I can’t go any faster than just regular walking speed, can’t jump, can’t shoot, can’t do anything but walk around and move the camera. So of course I quit the game, but then it makes me wait to start matchmaking again. I have recorded some clips on my xbox that show this issue if it would help to resolve it, I can upload them to YouTube and post a link here. Anyone else having issues like this?


If it is the bug where you have 1/10 of HP out of 2 health bars it is a bug since Big Alpha.


That sounds pretty much like what is happening, but I just hadn’t seen it until literally this past weekend.


A funny yet annoying bug


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Yeah. happened to me as well, when me and a friend joined an on-going game. I got monster for some reason, which was this low HP invisible infantry with behemoth stamina bar. When I told my friend where I was, he shot at me and killed me, screaming “Firing on Goliath!”. When I died, I warped into a Wraith on the other side of the map, and game could continue as normal.

Quite interesting.


It happened to me a few days back on Weather control, I killed myself by going out of territory, but I wasn’t able to take over the behemoth bot