Strange effects


Ok my friends will have no strikes but instantly die when downed by only goliath
Can anyone help its strange and is it a glitch?


Are you playing in custom games?


Yes and No it happens evertytime in evac,custom or solo vs Ai’s
Its really annoying when facing him,is it a glitch?


Could be. However, if you are in a custom game you can set it so that Hunters can never have strikes and immediately die when they are ‘downed’.


Check your settings for customs, you may have accidentally changed it to Strikes- Zero- which makes Hunters die when they go down.


thnx,i hope they fix it,
Have u seen someone fall threw the floor yet,its so herp a derp and the freezing in defend,
I hope they fix these cause i love evolve.


Falling through the map is painfully common. Every time I play Laz I wish I had a shovel instead of a gun. Although I suppose it’s my punishment for taking Laz. Shrug.


Hey it said you moved the Queenm onster of mine and looked is there a group shes in lol.