Strange Bugs I've Found


I’m just going to include as much info as possible
1)Whenever I launch the game, join in a match(for the first time that launch), have a 6 win streak, and pick Kraken; the game closes after the v.s. screen. This has happened 3 times. I have not crashed otherwise.
2)This has only happened once, but with me playing as Kraken vs a Crow, Caira, Bucket, and Markov on Wraith trap; I killed everyone but bucket and they went idle. When I pounced Bucket, he disconnected and right in the middle of the match I was immediately sent back to the character selection screen

I could choose which monster and perks I wanted, but it was just stuck on loading afterwards. The Bucket was definitely disconnected by the way.
3)Whenever I and a friend try to join a game, after a wait, the lobby leader is put into a game while the person in the lobby is returned to the lobby screen.
4)After playing a couple of games, the searching screen says that 4 other players have been found, but will linger on this screen indefinitely. It will stop doing this if I restart the game or play a solo game.
Luckily, that is it. Good luck figuring those out.