Storytime with TW


Once upon a time, TW wrote a fic. It was a pretty nice fic, people really liked it. TW decided that she’d give the forums a small piece of it. She was drunk, but didn’t really care.

“Alright, I’m droppin’ a dome on this one!” Abe announced, throwing the mobile arena into the air, a blue spherical shield glimmered down upon the surrounding area, trapping anything inside- including the group.
A rock-like figure emerged from the tunnel, it was huge, bigger than a Megamouth, darker than one. Spider-like eyes glared at the three, it stood still, almost as if it wasn’t breathing. The monster bellowed, hacking up in the back of it’s throat, spitting lava-like spittle out of it’s mouth.
“Move!” Caira instinctively hit the adrenaline booster, increasing the hunters’ rate of speed, their hearts pounding, their bodies moving faster to dodge the spit. As it hit the ground it split into multiple bomb-like spheres splashing everywhere. Hyde flipped the switch, his personal shield activated just in time, the lava splashing off him. Abe had bailed over a wall, taking cover from the lava bombs.
“Alright I’m fuckin’ droppin’ the dome! RUN!” He called out, panic in his voice, his chest pounding.

TW Looked at the paragraph she’d chosen and decided she wasn’t going to show anymore of the story because she’d probably feel judged and shy because of her writing.



Why are they panicking? Is it a first encounter with Behemoth?


The original idea was that I wasn’t going to introduce the tier 4 hunters/monster but it ended up being like that, so yes, this was their first encounter.


TW Looked at the paragraph she’d chosen and decided she wasn’t going to show anymore of the story because she’d probably feel judged and shy because of her writing.



Still, they’ve seen weird shit, I think it would not suit them to panic after they’ve seen someone like Kraken or Wraith.


Well, considering the behe is huge in comparison to the other big monsters, and the fact it’s spitting fire at them, wouldn’t you be a little worried :3?


Oh wait. I always thought you are a dude… eh.


what does that have to do with anythi- o.O


Personally, I’d be freaked out if something spat lava at me.

Just sayin…


Nothing, just a, uh, shall I say, I’m not really used to girls gamers.
Imagine that I am a shy nerd and all, yea.


Don’t sweat it, we’re not as rare as you’d think.


I guess you are.
Anyway, what happened next?




A shame then.


Fine, one more just for you, and that’s all. sigh

Below is literally what happened after the last sentence.
“Fuckin’ 'ellllll…” Hyde growled, running for Bucket’s chassis, slinging it over his back as he ran, he scooped the blitzer cub up, carrying it under his arm.
Caira’s adrenaline booster was still running as the three bailed from the Aviary, belting it into the outdoors. They’d made a good amount of distance since they’d encountered the new species of monster, never had they seen such a thing. They were burning out by now, Caira flipped the switch so to speak, their bodies returning to natural states. They panted, groaning, recovering from the immediate change, Caira leant over by a tree, gagging and throwing up from the effect of the booster. Hyde dropped Bucket’s chassis against a boulder- except that was a megamouth. It took a few seconds for them to react that Bucket’s chassis was now being chewed up by a rocktoad. Startled, Hyde attempted to beat the creature senseless with what energy he had left, ramming his flamethrower in it’s face, burning it down. The creature released it’s grip, groaning and slowly dying from the pain.



That’s kinda hillarious.


Alright, no really, THIS is the last one. And then no more. there’s like 15 pages of this thing…
Personally this is my favourite part that I wrote- directly after the last sentence I just wrote.

“Fuckin’ fuck it…” Hyde groaned, slinging Bucket’s body carelessly on the ground. “We’a so fucking fucked! Fucks sake!” He continued to growl and curse, lighting a bush on fire nearby. He was losing the plot. “Oi, look, it’s like that bloody Moses story where ‘e talks to a burning bloody bush! Ah migh’y bush, what’ya got in store for us? Nothin’ cause you’re a fucking BUSH-”
“HYDE.” Caira yelled snappily, his name getting stuck in her throat, still recovering. “We need… We need to calm down. This isn’t over yet. We just need to know what it does… We can fight it.” She insisted, leaning herself against the tree.


I got an impression you are writing it right now. And I need a coffee, it’s 2.20 past midnight. :frowning:


1:20am here, I’m kinda still writing it yes, I’m not sure if its gonna be done soon or not. It’s far from it, actually.