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after reading @WierdAlGankabitch story’s on evolve matches he played in got in in the mood to help alleviate everyone’s time by writing short story’s for the characters. let it be noted i have not played evolve yet and most of my info comes from videos and what you have all written here, i am not part of 2k or turtle rock studios and these story’s are for pure enjoyment and will not be factual to the game but above all else please support the official release. p.s. everyone is more then welcome to put there own story’s on here as well for the enjoyment of others.

ch1 Hunger
I know they are coming. they will always be coming for me thy always have been after me but i can not stop. I will not stop! I am hungry… i am always hungry no matter how much i eat i still want more… need more. I can smell them with ease the stink of the fear on them it drives me even when they come they are like the black water beast always roaring “i am strong and i will fight you!” but they still have fear… everything has fear, everything but me. i still have wet blood on my mouth from the runners still i hunger but i smell them, the pack beast feel safe in there numbers but i am strong and i am big. I follow them for a time see if they will hunt or simply finding a new place away from me. They come close to the place where those ones come from, I want them to come its been so long and the hunt with them is so much better my blood boils and my mussels tighten nothing act’s like them. they come sometimes to hunt me but they are wrong if only they could smell there fear they would know. i see one of them the two legs like me but so small and my heart beats faster as i prepare to kill it… to eat it, it will scare the pack beast away but i don’t care… i will kill them later.

ch2 Allies?
“Hey butler get me another mug!” Shouts a hard face man wearing a eye patch over a scar and belt straining under his weight. “Pardon me Hyde this is the one hundred and thirty second time I have had to remind you that i am not a butler but a Battle Utility Cybernetic Killer also known as Bucket and i would appreciate it if showed a little respect to me” to witch Hyde reply’s “Why the hell should i show you respect you bastard!” “I remember the time he saved you from a plant trying to eat you.” Says a woman in a crisp uniform and short dark hair. “Aww hell Val why did you have to bring that up any one of us could have stepped onto that flytrap fuker." a man with a fat cigar then pips in “HAHA or the time he rushed into a cave of reavers and Bucket had had to cloak us all to get past them so we did not lose the trail of Naga HA you remember that one right Griffin.” a older man covered in little trophy’s from past hunts sitting down on the opposite table cleaning his gun looks up “How could i forget Hank i still have its head on my wall.” a dark woman sitting in the corner petting her pet trapjaw enters the conversation “i still can not believe you are willing to turn down 40% of your fee to take a piece of each kill home with you” Bucket turns to the woman " We all have our reason for being here Maggie I deduct Griffin enjoys his job and finds original wall pieces splendid, oh yes Hyde i feel i should inform you that not only am i not a butler but i am also not a bastard for you see i know the ones who made me can you say the same?" Hyde’s face brakes out into a grin as he stairs at the yellow robot “Aye it be the God Aries himself who seeded my mom.” just then the door to the lounge opens and two bald men walk in one has dark skin and has more cybernetic implant then skin and the other has a look of a man who has seen battle and death to often with a glove on his left hand that has a odd fluid pumping though it. the man with the gloved hand looks at Hyde “I have no doubt a god did make you Hyde though i don’t think even Aries would take credit for you.” Bucket leaves the bar where he was standing to bring a small mug of spiced tea to the man “Here you go Lazarus just as you prefer it.” Lazarus takes the cup with a nod to Bucket while Hyde looks at the robot with anger "what the hell i thought you where not a butler whats this sht!” the other man that walked in with Lazarus puts a arm on Hyde and sits him back down “Laz has brought you and me and everyone here back from the clutches of death how many times now? show the man at least a little respect.” Val looks to the man “Hey Markov feel like a game of cards with me and Hank?” “Sure thing Val let me” “WARNING WARNING SHEER IS UNDER ATTACK WARNING SHEER IS UNDER ATTACK ALL HUNTERS ARE TO REPORT TO THE BATTLE STATION FOR DETAILS!”
to be continued.


That was hilarious, I hope the quips in game are as funny as this


Here we go may still be a few chapters before real action but good things to come to those who wait and on a side note if anyone was wandering why i made the descriptions of the hunters short and bland was just for the sake of not making it to long and if you are reading this you should know the hunters already so going into detail just seems like a drawn out explanation of what a rock is and i want to try to get more into the mindset of the hunters over looks anyways here you go.

ch3 Plan’s
The hunters entered a large room on there ship when Hank goes over to a monitor to shut the alarm off and pull up a incoming video. “This is settlement 421 on the planet Shear we are under attack by a unknown assailant that has not been seen before its running around slaughtering everyone and eating there remains and seems to be getting bigger please help we are trying to hide and fight back but our weapons are having no effect please som…” static appears on the screen and Hank turns off the screen when Hyde yells “What the hell we still doing here lets go bust this fu*ker up!” Bucket who was looking as though he was staring at nothing turns to him “Please Hyde wait till we get there before you get trigger happy i just finished patching up the ship from the last time you thought your gun was malfunctioning. As soon as we received the message i set a course for Shear we will be arriving in there atmosphere in approximately 25 min.” Laz strolls around to be in front of everyone to speak "We need to send a group of 4 in and leave the rest on the ship encase of a emergency and to also keep a eye on the surface to make sure the best does not escape. So we need to decide who will touch down " Maggie looks to Griffin to ask “Mind if i take this one old man? Me and Daisy need to stretch our legs and the message did say it was on foot and my roover here can track him easy enough” Griffin sighs and sits back “Well i guess you got to go out ones and a while but take care and if you can see if you pet can fetch me a tooth or something.” that last part said with a sly grin on his face “SHE IS NOT A PET! She is my partner.” as she strokes the head of Daisy the trapjaw nuzzling her hand. “I think I will stay on the ship for now seeing as i can answer any emergency broadcast coming in and inform you what is happening faster then anyone else. I would be grateful if you would go and support the others Hank from the sound of it this monstrosity is big and fast i calculate the odds of success will be better with your shield gun and Shear is still in early development with a bombardment satellite on standby to help clear out areas for settlers though i still don’t know how you got a hacking modal to tap into them.” Hank places his cigar in his mouth then smiles at Bucket. “Ha like i would tell you that and have it as evidence should i ever get discovered hehehe well i don’t care to go in blind but i still have Digger and if she can tear though twenty feet of solid rock in minutes then she can defiantly punch a hole in… what the hell we calling it?” Now it was Val’s turn to reply “The message said he was big and getting bigger so it will be code named Goliath for this mission. so you going Lazarus or do you want me to keep everyone from zombieing out?” Laz flashes a angry look Vals way “They are not zombies my device restores life at a cellular level restoring someone to what they where seconds before. I will take this one i just finished modifying my rifle with a new scope and a suppressor system this seems like a good chance to test them out.” “Alright” says Markov “i have had the past 2 hunts though i will miss a good fight why not take this one Hyde before you think your flamer is leaking fumes from disuse and do something we will all regret.” “Hey Markov have i ever told you my armor use to be a odd green color HAHAHA time for a fresh paint job let go kill this bastard” bucket walks to the door “Well now that’s taken care of I feel i should inform you we are now 5 minutes to the drop site if you would be so kind as to report to the drop bay.”

ch4 Excitement
These ones are not those ones all they did was run and hide and make noise but i am still so hungry and they taste good. i was hoping it was those ones but they are not if i leave soon i can find the pack beast i am angry and they brought me here i will kill them and feed maybe find one of the big mouth or tall four legs they have a lot of meat maybe that will make the hunger leave for a while. The wind is changing and and… ITS THEM THERE HERE I MUST RUN MUST HIDE.i am not scared but the hunt is better when they think they are in control that they do not fear but they do and when i am tearing there body’s they scream and reek of fear just like the others but they will fight back i know it its them they are here. i must go eat some more my blood is boiling.

OK so sh*it will happen next time hope i have set up a good mood and story but i have been up over 24 hrs need some sleep my brain cavity is not working right and i want my a game for the next parts.

If Hank can Orbital Barrage a target when ever he wanted then why is it not possible not to Barrage the planet Shear from of Monsters?

“Don’t say it again. Don’t you F***ing say it again!” came an angry voice through the think vegetation.

“Whether you like it or not doesn’t change anything. From the looks of it, we’re still about 2 days behind her.” A man with a brown, short sleeve shirt and a hat decorated with ammunition grunts as he presses on through the wild forest on the planet Shear.

“GOD DAMMIT GRIFFIN! I TOLD YOU NOT TO SAY THAT AGAIN! FFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!” screams the man following behind the trapper. The man has a thick beard and is wearing a tattered plain white t shirt and a pair of brown overalls. On his left arm is a bulky, dull red glove made of metal. Slung across his back are two massive canisters and massive gun with 6 barrels.

“Hyde, will you please shut up already? We’ve been listening to you complaining for the past 3 days now and you’re really starting to piss me off” Hyde looks over his shoulder at the thin and fit combat medic behind him.

“Oh cram it up your…” He stops when he meets her eyes which are ablaze with carefully controlled fury. “Fine, but I don’t understand why we don’t just carpet bomb this sh*t, or better yet, Napalm.” he says with a wicked grin.

“Because if we did that, we wouldn’t get paid” pointed out the last member in the group as he lights up his last cigar. “Though I didn’t expect this one to take so long to track down. You finally loosing your touch Griffin?”

“Eh, I don’t think I’d mind at this point if it got me out of this hell hole. You think it’s still worth it even after 5 days down here?” The team enters a small clearing and Hyde wipes his forehead with his arm as more sweat trickles down into his eyes. As he does, he runs straight into Griffin. “Hey! Why’d stop?”

“One of the sensors have stopped reporting” he says with a deep furrow creasing his brow.

“Well, duh. Those thing’s batteries can’t be that powerful. I guess they’ve started dying. Come on and keep moving already. We’re falling behind.” Hyde starts to push past Griffin but notices a chill going down his spine when he hears Val’s next words.

“The one you placed when we first landed isn’t the one that stopped is it? It’s the one you placed 15 minutes ago.” Val turns and scans the forest behind her. Suddenly the forest has gone silent when it had been teeming with activity just minutes before. “We aren’t the ones doing the hunting anymore are we?”

Hank starts to scratch his head and gives Val a weird look. “What the hell are you talking about? Griffin just said we are two days behind whatever the hell it is we’re chasing right? I think the heat might be frying that brain of yours. There’s no way it could be behind us right Griffin?”

Griffin begins to pull out his harpoon launcher and load one of his giant spears into it. “Val is right, I highly recommend you guys all start preparing, it’s coming.”

“Finally, I can get out of here. We’ll be calling for pick up within the hour.” Hyde says while unslinging his minigun. “By the way, does anyone else have any idea what it is we’re hunting?”

“Well, it’s something strong enough to wipe out 5 settlements in the past month, leaving no survivors. Women, men, children, pets. All wiped out. Killing this this is going to be a pleasure.” Says Val as she finishes reassembling her sniper rifle and slides the bolt shut.

The hunters continue readying their gear for the next 5 minutes, making sure all of their equipment is ready if needed at a moments notice. Finally, the group stands up, combat ready.

Once again Griffin takes the lead as they back track towards the location of the last sensor. As they leave the clearing and start back into the forest, somewhere up head they hear the beast as it lets out a blood curdling roar.

Well, I wanted to try my own little story here and see how it goes. @1300ndaba needs to come back and finish his story too. Let me know what you guys think :thumbsup:


o_0 wow grate job @Brandini i have been trying to finish farcry3 and didn’t think a lot of people where reading but thank you for this it pumps me up and i wish to see more people join in maybe when people have played the game it will be a bigger thing and i will be shown as a forefather that helped start it and i have not said it before but you Thomas are a scholar and a gentleman.

ch5 Who hunts who, Who hunts you?
AC/DC blares on a small radio in the drop room as they arrive over the settlement of 421. “God damn it Hank you would think in this day and age you could find something new to listen to and not these relics of the past!” Hank only put on a wide grin broke only by his stogie but Laz had no need to keep quite “Hyde I have put up with your foul tongue for a long time but if i hear you take the lords name in vain again you will find my wrath is not easy kindled.” Laz only looks at Hyde waiting for some comeback but is meet only with a small snarl and what could have been a sorry muttered only loud enough the air in front of his his face herd the words. over the PA system Bucket’s voice can be herd “OK chaps i just reserved word from Terrathon you know the company that helps make these worlds livable and they have picked up the contract to pay us being its there settlement being striked but they had a condition you see area 421 is the only place with running water in one hundred miles or so and they have a dam to produce the energy for the terraform that is to be protected at all cost. Now if you will ready your self drop is in 5 seconds.” The PA goes dead and Maggie places a hook on Daisy as the door beneath them opens wide to a sprawling desert as they approach the compound . Hank stops the music and throws his smoke away as he jumps screaming “I LOVE THIS PART!” followed by his comrades as they descend upon the planet Shear unaware of the beast hidden in shadows of a cave watching them.

ch6 Be very very quite.
As soon as the hunters land they find remains of corpses spread about some have been torn into others have been clawed apart some just lie there broken heaps of themselves but all are quite. Daisy strolls over to one that was a woman and smells her body “Have you got anything girl?” asked Maggie. The trapjaw head looks at Maggie and barks in excitement and takes off into the wilderness “HA looks like we will be on time for dinner. Well lets not keep the poor girl waiting.” says Hank as the 4 hunters run after the expertly trained tracker. They come to a sheer cliff that Daisy is sniffing up and around until she looks up and starts barking. “That’s my girl.” whispers Maggie “Goliath climbed the cliff it seams it would have to be powerful to get that high” as she leaps into the air and fire from her jump pack roars into life followed by the other hunters including her Daisy. As they stand upon the top Laz walk’s forward and kneels before something “Did you find something Lazarus?” asked Hank “Aye tracks big ones too what ever made these must be ten feet tall or more we sho SHHHHH did you hear that?” he finished in a breathy whisper but got his answer by seeing the others ready there weapons keeping a keen eye on the surroundings even Daisy had her teeth in a snarl walking to a massive shrub in a pouncing position when suddenly 3 large crustacean looking monsters jump out at them reared up and striking “DUNE BEETLES!” shouted Maggie as she open fires with her smg. Hyde jumps out front as his glove sparks to life and gout’s of flame pour forth bathing the monsters in fire “Take this you bastards!” he says with a smile on his face as a blue aura envelops him “Lets see who can last longer the monster… or the beetle.” says hank focusing a beam on his partner as Laz jets onto a plateau firing quite deadly rounds onto the enemy’s below him. Laz calls down to his team “Lets finish these guys quick we still got a Goli.” Laz is torn by pain as he is sent flying from his perch barely conscious of the world around him not seeing what had hit him he thinks quick and activates his personal clocking and moves for a bush in front of him to escape harm.

ch7 He who makes a beast of him self
Finally i have waited so long but they are hear i see them falling from the sky so fast i will be faster. I will run for now still to weak if only i was not so hungry i will eat them and every thing else yes the hunger will fade i know it. I move quite i want a little more food i feel strongest after i have eaten and i want to be the strongest. There is a wall of ground there it will give me time i will climb and eat. I smell fear but i pick up other things as well there are the sharp shells coming this way they are small but not weak i also smell… YES runners so small so week but taste so good i run to them and smash there bodies must eat and quick they are coming and the wall only slows them. They are fighting the sharp shells one in front uses the red hot i see sometimes i feel it in my belly i have the red hot too but it does not work. There are two more helping the one with the red hot and even one of the pack beast but this one smells wrong it smells like them its pack is them this is odd. There one went high he has a long stick it makes so little noise but i see it hurts the spike shells i must hurt him before he hurts me. I can jump that far because i am strong.

  1. ok this is something i have been thinking on a bit and i feel this should be a community story (and i hope it will help bring more people in to read or write there own) so before i continue i want to know who would you guys like to see win Goliath or the Hunters?


Hey now, dont give slinky credit for my post :p. I dont want to say who should win in your story because i would vote opposite of my stories outcome and that would ruin mine


your right sorry graves kill brain cells with a dose of insomnia lately my bad @Brandini ill go edit that now. it does not have to be opposite and plus there is no way of knowing what you vote on will win.


I know, i just know id vote opposite my story so we would have 2 completely different stories. Ill just leave it up to the others lol


What the? I was wondering what you tagged me for and I was like “Whaaaaat?” Crikey, I’m not THAT great at writing stories. :stuck_out_tongue:


I actually really enjoyed writing that bit, I’m not usually the creative type but I was actually visualizing this scenario for awhile and felt like putting it down and it felt awesome. Part 2 will be today


Across the clearing, a set of eyes watches the retreating hunters. Once they have vanished from sight, the eyes begin the chase.

“What in the hell was that?” Hank looks slightly uneasy as the last echoes of the roar fade

“How the f*ck you expect us to know? Sure as hell doesn’t sound like anything I’ve ever heard.” Hyde pulls up his glove and gives it a squeeze. A small burst of flame comes out, reassuring himself that it’s ready when he needs it.

“I suppose that mystery will be solved very shortly. Whether or not it’s the last thing we learn has yet to be seen. Oh, and watch your step, right there is a chomp plant” Griffin points to an odd plant with 2 fleshy leaves that lay flat on the ground. “Get caught in one and there’s a good chance you won’t make it back out.”

As he says this, Hyde ignites the alien carnivorous plant, which quickly shrivels and dies under the intense heat. “Psh, like I’m gonna let some stupid a$$ plant kill me.”

“God dammit Hyde, are you trying to start a forest fire with that thing?” says Val, obviously exasperated with the large man.

“Hush now, we are approaching the sensor.” Griffin announces to the group. “Keep your eyes peeled, we really don’t want our quarry to find us before we find her, somehow, I feel like that would not be in our best interest.”

As the group approaches the curve in the small forest path, they are stunned at what they see. Littered around the trail are dozens of indistinguishable corpses of what appears to be wildlife, though one could have easily been a small child. Trees were shattered as if they had been hit by a cannon. There was a large crater that hadn’t been there before. The ground surrounding the trail was scorched black and still smoldering. If Hyde hadn’t been with the group, they would’ve thought he had caused this, though that still wouldn’t explain all of the corpses or the large boulder that was resting against a broken tree. The sensor was exactly where it had been placed, albeit knocked over and halfway melted.

“I think I’m going to be sick. In all my years in the service, I’ve never seen anything like this” and with that, Val doubled over and the sounds of her retching filled the air around them.

“Hank, watch over Val, Hyde, come with me. Don’t let your guard down. I don’t know what we are seeing here, but whatever it is, it’s bad. Real bad.” Griffin begins walking into the carnage, looking for any sign of what may have caused the destruction.

As he rounds the bend, he spots it. Lying on the ground in front of him is a massive pulsing blob. "Hank, Val, Hyde. Get your a$$es over here. The three hunters come up too and are amazed at what they are seeing.

“What the F*ck is that?” There is an air of uneasiness as Hyde approaches for a better look. “While I can’t be sure, it looks like some kind of egg or something.”

Val approaches as well and touches it, it convulses slightly then settles down a bit. “It’s surprisingly warm, almost hot. I’m not a biologist or anything, but if I had to guess, I’d say it’s some kind of cocoon. What should we do Griffin?”

“Hank, you think you can get that satellite to target this thing? I don’t want to take any chances. Those shells can punch through 100 mm armor, vaporizing just about anything they hit.” Griffin has a really disturbed look on his face. He’s been hunting prey since before he could even remember, hunting has always been in his blood, but in all his years in the trade, he had never seen or heard of anything like this. Not even the raxx from Tritis Prime were capable of the destruction that had been reported, and this looked to be just 1 individual.

“Sure thing, it’ll take take about 45 seconds for the satellite to line up and fire. I recommend we back up a bit unless you want to join that thing in hell.” Hank pulls out a small hand held device and starts furiously punching in commands. “All set, time to impact t minus 30 seconds.”

“All right everyone, pull back to a safe distance and watch the fireworks”

As they prepared to turn and retreat to a safe distance, the cocoon began convulsing violently, as if in protest to what was about to come.

“Oh, it knows. It knows it’s going to die and it can’t do anything about it.” Hyde eagerly watches as the cocoon convulses even harder now.

“She really is a clever one” There is a look of almost admiration in Griffin’s eyes as he watches what could’ve been the one creature alive that would’ve tested his skills to the max, but it was not to be.

“10 seconds people!” Hank announces. Everyone looks up to search for the lethal shells that will bring a small fortune to each of them.

Suddenly, the cocoon bursts open and a massive gray beast appears. Massive spikes protrude from it’s back. Orange lines scrawl across it’s arms and upper chest. The creature turns and glares at the humans who are here to kill it. The monster roars an ear splitting roar

“Holy sh*t! Kill It!” Screams Hyde as he spools up his minigun

“IMPACT” shouts Hank.

Massive fireballs slam into the creature, the scene is blinding and everyone has to shield their eyes. They hear one final pained roar and all is silent. The group is surprised to see that the beast survived, though it is clear from the obvious wounds it has suffered that it is going to die. The creature lies folded over, each breath ragged and pained.

“Alright, we got him!” yells Hyde as he lowers his gun.

Griffin pats Hank on the back “Nice shot, and not a moment too soon either. That was something I’d have to say I actually glad to have not needed to fight. She looks like quite the brute.”

Val approaches the monster, bows her head for a second, then puts a bullet in it’s head, finishing it off.

“What you do that for? I thought you said you’d enjoy watching it suffer” Hyde smirks at her “Don’t tell me you pity that thing”

“I never said I wanted it to suffer. Nothing deserves to suffer, that’s the reason I became a medic, so I can end people’s suffering. While this creature has caused much pain and suffering, it still doesn’t deserve to be left to die like that. I only said it would be a pleasure to kill it because in doing so, I have prevented much more suffering.”

“Well, either way, call the dropship Griffin so we can get off of this damn rock and get a nice hot meal and bed. Can’t wait to get paid” the desire for alcohol and women written all over his face.

“Hey Bucket, you copy?”

“This is Bucket. My sensors indicate that one of Hank’s strikes were called in. I calculate from the strike only being a couple minutes ago that your hunt has ended in success. I shall send the dropship. Error: #97586 dropship has a minor ignition malfunction. Expect extraction in 1 hour 23 minutes 17.3 seconds”

“Dammit, alright, thanks Bucket.” Griffin closes his communicator. “Well guys, it looks like we’re stuck here for another hour and a half.”

“Just f*cking great. He’s had 5 days to make sure that thing is good to go and he just now figures out there’s a problem. I thought that damn Bucket of bolts was supposed to be smart. Oh well, I guess at least we’re done and can kick back and relax”

As soon as Hyde sits down, there is a loud screaming and 3 pinkish purple orbs fly out the forest heading straight towards our hunters.

Ooooo, plot twist! Stick around and I’ll wrap this one up next time.


My favorite part. :smile:


Reading with rapt anticipation…can’t wait for more!


Glad you guys are enjoying. I plan on finishing tomorrow during work if we aren’t too busy, which we shouldn’t be


Busy morning at work so far but it has slowed down so it’s time to wrap up my story. Hope you guys enjoy the finale.

The pink, screaming orbs materialize seemingly from nowhere. While not sure what they are seeing, the hunters know it’s not good. Nothing that sounds like this is ever good. Hyde sees the first one bearing down on him and he pops his shield just in the nick of time. Meanwhile, Val, who had her back to the banshees doesn’t have time to realize what’s going on. One second she hears loud screams, the next she’s enveloped by a blue light as the second orb dissipates harmlessly. Griffin, who was inspecting the body of their Goliath kill, instinctively turns and pumps 5 rounds into the last orb, which disintegrates under the fire.

“Role call, every one alright?” Griffin shouts over the last echos of the banshees.

“Well, other than my ears still ringing from whatever the f*ck those things were, I’m good” calls out Hyde.

“Well thanks to Hank over here, I’m good” Val sends Hank an appreciative nod, knowing that if not for him, she might not still be alive.

Rain begins to fall as the hunters pick themselves up. Looking up, Griffin can tell that a nasty storm is brewing.

Looking in the direction that the strange orbs appeared from, a massive form can faintly be seen lurking in the shadows. The shape stands roughly 25 feet tall and has two sets of glowing blue eyes.

“Okay seriously, WHAT THE F*CK IS WRONG WITH THIS CRAZY A$$ PLANET?!?” Hyde screams in a mix of fear and frustration.

The creature lets out an ear splitting screech and a massive flash of lightning reveals the nightmare that stands before them. The creature is a tall and lanky squid like creature with a mouth consisting of two “flaps*” lined with razor sharp teeth. Tentacles drape from the creature’s face and the crest of it’s head. The creature has large protrusions similar to that of the first creature, though not as sharp in appearance. Massive claws dangle from the creature’s long upper limbs.

The creature then releases a spiral of energy from out of nowhere and the team quickly moves to evade. Hyde and Hank dodge left while Val and Griffin dodge right, narrowly avoiding the strange vortex of energy that was launched at them. The creature turns to follow the team that went to the left and is met by a small prick to it’s side. Not sensing it as a threat, it continues to chase the left team. Then a loud shot rings through the forest as Val lands a sniper round in the monster’s back. Still the creature chases Hank & Hyde. Hyde has turned and has started unleashing his flamethrower on the creature. The monster lunges at Hyde whose shield was still overheated and Hank wasn’t going get the shield on in time.

“Well if I’m about to die, the least I can do is give it some heart burn on the way down” Hyde can’t believe he’s going to die like this and stands his ground, looking death in the eye. Hyde closes his eyes and braces for the worst, which doesn’t come. He looks up to see the creature’s claws inches from his face.

The creature roars in pain and rage as it whirls around to see who interrupted it’s kill and caused such agony. None other than Griffin who managed to land his harpoon square in the hole that Val’s rifle made.

“HYDE! WHAT IN THE HELL ARE YOU DOING? GET YOUR A$$ OUT OF THERE” Griffin yells, clearly struggling against the strain on the cable.

Hyde grins and tosses a quick grenade that lands behind the Kraken. Green smoke quickly engulfs the monster and it charges at the source of the harpoon. Griffin cuts the harpoon and begins to maneuverer for another shot.

The monster senses another small prick and begins to feel groggy. That’s when it realizes that those small pricks have poison in them. The monster knows it has to act fast to win. Suddenly the clouds darken and a bolt of lightning strikes, just barely missing Griffin.

Griffin fires another harpoon but the kraken deflects the shot and closes the remaining distance and begins wailing into Griffin. A blue hue envelops Griffin as he gets wailed on. Green and blue beams are landing on Griffin, protecting him from harm while a hail of bullets riddles kraken’s backside but he doesn’t care. Griffin, completely unable to regain his footing, gets picked up and the monster opens it’s maw and all went black.

“GRIFFIN NOOO!!!” Val screams as she watches the man’s headless corpse fall to the ground and writhe momentarily before becoming still, blood still gushing from the remains of its neck.

“I never thought I’d see the day where Griffin would become the prey.” Hank, pulling out his laser cutter, takes a mental moment of silence while pouring bolts of energy into the monster.

“YOU BASTARD!!! HOW DARE YOU F*CK WITH US?” Hyde enters a blind rage and with an amazing show of knowledge of his weapons, tosses in a small cluster of grenades rushes in with his minigun pouring out hot lead. As the last rounds exit the barrel, he tosses it aside and pours a river of fire towards the creature before him.

The kraken turns his attention to Hyde the moment he tosses his gun aside and waits for the next victim to approach. Once Hyde gets about 30 feet away, the kraken rises into the air. Electricity began crackling around it and a bolt arcs out and strikes Hyde in the chest, sending him flying backwards into a rock, at which point Hyde goes unconscious.

As the kraken closes in for his second meal of the night, a hail of fireballs came crashing down around the monster, one of which rails it’s left arm, severing it from the monster’s body.

The kraken turns towards the two remaining hunters. It had witnessed this once before, and the old bearded one was the one communicating when it had struck Goliath. Hate burns in the monster’s eyes as he charges after Hank. Another of those pricks hits the monster in the neck and the effects of this one are near immediate. The monster slows slightly but he doesn’t care, he has tunnel vision for Hank.

“Hank, you think you can keep him busy long enough for me to tend to Hyde?” Val asks “As much as I dislike the man, I know we won’t win without his help.”

“Yeah I suppose I can give 'em a run for his money.” Hank’s solemn look falters for a moment. “Just don’t forget your opportunity to give Hyde a slap while he’s out”

“Alright, I’m on it. Good luck Hank.” Val jumps to the side to try skirting around kraken as it closes on Hank.

“Luck? I don’t believe in luck” Hank mumbles so Val can’t hear. “Alright squid face. You want some?” Hank asks. Hank resumes firing at Kraken as it closes the last bit of distance between them.

Kraken approaches and unleashes 2 banshees which causes Hank to drop his weapon and hold his ears. The first one hits Hank and he gets flung backwards the second turns to follow Val as she approaches Hyde. She promptly slaps Hyde and he starts muttering something. Val can’t discern all of it but she’s fairly certain she hears the words “Val”, “Fcking Btch”, and “Nice a$$”. This prompts her to slap him harder.

Hyde wakes up to Val’s red face, a sharp pain in his chest, and a light stinging on his cheek. Must’ve hit that rock pretty hard. “Sh*t duck!” he yells and lifts his arm just in time to stop the banshee that had finally caught up with his flamethrower

“Thank you” Val replies, feeling slightly guilty for having just slapped this man who had just saved her life. “Here, hold still for a minute while I administer first aid”

“So, I take it that thing is still alive judging by that orb that was following you. Where’s Hank?” Hyde begins searching for the monster but can’t see it though he can still here the sounds of combat nearby.

“Yup, Hank’s over there dancing with it.” Val finishes the last of the charge of her med gun on Hyde. “There, can you stand?”

“Yeah I think so.” Hyde grunts heavily as he hauls himself to his feet. “Come on, we gotta go help Hank” a massive explosion is heard as another barrage strikes the planet and the two of the charge towards the sounds of Hank and the Kraken.

Meanwhile, Hank recovers himself from the banshee mine that had slammed into him. He remembers seeing the second mine chasing Val and he hopes she is okay, but right now, he has bigger problems. Literally. The kraken bursts through the brush he was just tossed through and Hank suddenly realizes he was thrown into the middle of a pack of trap jaws. They had circled around Hank without him realizing and had been ready to finish him until they saw kraken. They knew they had strength in numbers and they weren’t going to give up a meal to this bully. Kraken pauses for a moment upon seeing the pack, but this was a kill he needed.

“I think now would be a good time to slip away” Hank says and activates his cloak and slips out of the semicircle of trapjaws starring down the Kraken

Kraken notices his quarry slip disappear and lets out a frustrated roar. These Trapjaws will pay for letting the one who controls the fireballs get away. Kraken unleashes a vortex on half of the group, and then an aftershock on the other half. The few trapjaws that survive whimper away. The kraken roars in anger but senses something. Flying out of the way, another barrage narrowly misses the kraken.

“Dammit, I missed” Hank says as he discovers that the satellite’s barrel cracked so using the satellite would now be impossible. “Dammit all”

Val and Hyde show up just in time to see Hank jump out of cover and unleash another volley of laser cutter ammo on the kraken. The kraken is starting to look weary as the adrenaline rush of losing a limb has started to wear off and the tranqs in it’s system continue working their magic.

Val grins, glad to see their efforts paying off against this foe. She drops another tranq into it’s neck. The creature roars in anger again and another bolt of lightning lands on Val and Hyde. Hank tries to rush in to help, unsure if the shield he had just sent out towards Val had worked wanting to try protecting his fallen comrades, but gets greeted by a banshee mine and before he loses consciousness, he sees Val and Hyde lying still and says “So I’ve failed then”.

The kraken has all 3 hunters down and goes in for the victory feast. He’ll save the old beard man for last, and he’ll start with the one with the fire arm. They were strong prey, but in the end, he was stronger. He also thinks of the headless one and the trapjaws he’s killed. Yes, he will eat well tonight and will grow even stronger. The arm will grow back in time. He leans down to begin consuming Hyde, then sees a small red object get lobbed into his mouth. For a moment nothing happens and he glares down at the hunter who should be dead but isn’t. He roars again but no sound comes out, only a cloud of green smoke. Hyde had chucked his last grenade into the creature’s mouth and was now inhaling extreme concentrations of the gas. Unable to breath, the monster falls over, jerks several time, then dies.

“Not the first time my shield has saved me.” Hyde rests his hand on his shield emitter, extremely grateful for it. He looks over at Val, just a few feet away. She is unconscious but alive, thanks to the flicker of Hank’s shield that he got off. Hyde shakes Val awake and the two go inspect Hank.

“Anything you can do for him?” Hyde asks. The exhaustion finally hitting home.

“I’m afraid not, but Laz should be here soon on the dropship and I think he can help.” Val says.

Seconds later the dropship arrives and Laz rushes out and inspects Hank. “Yeah, he’ll be fine” he says with a wave of his glove. “Where’s Griffin?”

“He didn’t make it” Val says, tears welling up in her eyes.

“Nope, but I’ll just do better next time” comes a friendly voice.

“Griffin!!!” Val cheers as he steps off the dropship. “How are you alive?”

“Well what did you expect? We’re not in some movie or book, we are video game characters. We die every 5 minutes.” Griffin says rolling his eyes. “You can really be a huge drama queen sometimes. Anyways, lets get outta here.”

Well what did you guys think? I know I made the ending cheesy and if you don’t like it, write your own version :stuck_out_tongue:


I for one loved the ending! Very nicely done, Wreck it Ralph style!


lol that ending all in all amazing job @Brandini i have to fin my own sometime 8( kinda sad no one has voted so i guess ill wing it or set a trail mark for two possible ending’s.


Well now that I’m done, I’ll say go monsters. Really glad you both enjoyed it. It was a little rushed and I stayed after work for 5 mins trying to finish, but I had the idea of having griffin on the drop ship since I started this last portion. I also hadn’t planned on kraken being in the story, but at the end of the first part, I wanted to do a bit where Val turns around before leaving the clearing thinking she saw the monster, but I only had plans for one at the time and it wouldn’t have added up. The idea for kraken came towards the end of me typing up the second chapter when I had planned for Goliath to dodge the strike and run off to hunt, but then I thought about adding kraken which allowed me to have my monster on the other side of the clearing. Also, I feel it was something more unexpected than having just the one monster

[Non-Canon] Cassie's Story

hehehe you will like what i have planed