Story Time: Your Best Moments in Evolve


I thought we should have a place to talk about our best moments in the game.

My best moment was when I first won as the monster. When I first began playing as the monster I was really bad. Two weeks later, I was playing as Behemoth and I got to stage 3. I never got past stage 2 at the time. So somehow the hunters were on one one end of the map and I was in the center. When I got to stage 3 I decided to go and eat to gain some armor before I face the hunters. As I begin to move I notice something. I crawl back and see it’s the power relay. I think to myself, “I actually have a chance!” I begin destroying it and the hunters still don’t show up. I keep on destroying it and I finally win! The hunters never showed up. Behemoth will always have a special place in my heart.


i ate a mammoth bird :smiling_imp:


I’ve had plenty of good moments but there is one that I don’t know if I could do it again. Not much of a story, lol.

So I played Kraken with three points into After shock. I ambushed the team of five; Lennox, Cabot, Maggie, Daisy, and Caira.

I weekend their health bars by tossing the lightning balls and shocked them once, and then shocked them twice all huddled up.

They all died at the same time. At stage 1. I freaked and had it recorded. xD


I once took over a bot monster in a game, it was only Stage 1, obviously put points into abilities I didn’t want.

I had about 1/4 armor and less than half health left, I assumed the bot was domed not long ago.
The hunters were about 15-20 seconds away at this point and I just yolo’d it and semi-ambushed them and ended up winning somehow.
I was so surprised that I won and they were salty on the mics afterwards :wink:


I’ve had a lot of fond memories with Evolve.

ESL tournaments, being invited to participate in the Evolve ESL Pro Am tournament in Boston at Pax East last year with Pushing Daisies and getting my hair chopped off on stage, being invited to the moderator team here, working with the Devs and the community, community coaching with cow sessions, Evolve Jam sessions with the leaders, mods, and devs as well as the community , bring invited to TRS to help unveil the Gorgon, playing as Gorgon against Chris Ashton and Chloe and having a killer pounce drop on Wraith Trap… Too many good ones to count!


always a good time whenever i play with my buddy and we slim/crow it up and duo kill the monster :kissing_heart:

winning an arena match as last man standing rogue val without the sudden death bonus felt pretty nice, even if the monster was very weak at that point. it’s the pressure man.

least but not last whenever i get domed outside as emet and the monster watches in horror as i put down a respawn beacon in front of them. like so.


##Welcome to the forums!

Right now my favorite moment was the other night when my friend playing Support put one of Kala’s teleporters directly behind me (as a Trapper).

The teleport pad charged up and since he placed it right next to me, without a warning, I was moved about 100m away and the Mobile Arena came down. We then proceeded to lose the match when we could have won in that dome.

I find it hilarious and kind of sad.
@TomsMeatPlatter knows what I’m talking about lol


I have got one time, a really funny scene when I was the Kraken in Broken Hill Mine with the skin of the tournament (Neptune skin).

My evolve bar was full and I had to evolve, I evolved to stage 2 and I hear the hunters incomming.
I haven’t got enough time to run, so I had to hide somewhere…but where? It was a dark cave, and my skin was blue/dark, so I hide in a corner of the room in the view of the hunters.
They came and searched all around the room next to my evolve spot AND next to me, my heart was beating really hard.
They searched for around 1 or 2 minutes (Griffin was also flying just in front of my face almost touching me, and he haven’t even saw me) and then they left the room.
I waited a bit to be sure they left and E.M.E.T came back to take a last look at the room. He left again, I waited and they never came back! And later I won the game, WOOHOOO!!!


The closet game I’ve ever had was pretty awsome:

I was playing as Sunny in a Laz comp against a Goliath. We’d managed to take out a good chunk of its health with stage 1 & 2 domes, but got utterly wrecked in a stage 3 evolve dome. The monster’s epic comeback cost us a strike on trapper (and maybe Assault). So we fell back to the relay and the ensuing skirmishes eventually left everyone with 1 or 2 strikes. We had managed to get the monster down to 1 bar of health, so it was going pretty close.

But then he went in for the kill.

With Trapper already on the dropship, he went straight in for assault. In-capped him and started pounding on the body. Me and Laz were pouring fire onto him trying to do as much damage as possible. By the time those fateful words ‘Assault Is Dead’ appeared on screen the last of the monster’s armour was shot off.

Wasting no time the monster closes in on Laz and tries to kill him. I cloaked him and boosted him as much as I could, but there was only so much we could do. As my jetback booster recharged I opened fire hoping to do as much damage as I could.

2/3 of a bar left. Half of a bar left.

Lazarus then met his demise and Goliath turned to face me. Last man standing with a minute left on the timer.

I thrust backwards in panic all the whilst firing.

1/3 of a bar left.

Goliath leaps towards me.

1/5 of a bar left.

He crouches and I see the end coming. I fire. He pounces. I see myself being pulled into the 3rd person animation and realise he’s won…

…until my mininuke goes off in his face and kills him. This was back when there was a half-second delay between the projectile landing and exploding. It was amazing. :smile:


I will upload the video later tonight…


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