Story time with the evolve community! Lets show the devs our beautiful stories


I have a feeling no one is reading the bottom so I will say it up here you can make your own evolve stories any character even adaptions are allowed in the story I want this post to grow the the devs can see our beautiful stories!

Wraith: hey guys hows it going
Goliath: nothing much just reading this book about humans
Kraken: for the last time goliath you can not read
Goliath: I can dream :sob:
Kraken: whatever
Wraith: so guys I had a idea!
Behemoth: hey guys just got back from hunt I won as you can see :stuck_out_tongue:
Wraith: no out out you are going to break our roof again!
Behemoth: aw
Kraken: what was the idea
Wraith: well sense we can’t beat the hunter why not help them and tell them why those big electric things are bad!
Kraken: you mean the relays they won’t believe us as we are there enemy’s
Wraith: well maybe we can use kala!
Kraken: you mean that abomination they still call a human no!
Goliath: I am going to go try to talk to them everyone loves me I am cute!
Kraken: go ahead and get yourself killed!
10 mins later
Cabot: alright guys we have a goliath who is terrorizing colonists yet not killing them
Lazarus: playing with it’s food I see
Cabot: alright team let go kill it!
another 10 mins later
Goliath: oh hey look the people who I wanted to talk to are here
Colonist: guys stop hiding in the building and help me before this thing eats me!
Cabot: alright team wait it is still stage one
Parnel: huh I would of though it would be stage 3 if it was terrorizing collonists like that
Goliath: hello! my name it Tom and I am a reprazentitive of the monsters here to ask if we could talk to yo-
Cabot: now team kill it before it stages up
Goliath: oh no no no I am here just to talk
dome goes up
Goliath: come on guys can’t we talk this out?!
back at monster house thing
Kraken: hey gorgon can you stop spinning webs all over out base I always run into them when I fly and it annoys me
Gorgon: no! I must spin more webs!
Kraken: oh and can you go get goliaths dead body he should be dead by now
Gorgon: oh ok can I
Kraken: no you can not feed him to your "young"
Gorgon: aww
10 mins later again
Gorgon: ok I am back!
Kraken: where is goliaths body?
Gorgon: I totally didn’t get hungry on the way back and ate him that is not why I am stage two!
Kraken: god gorgon why are you so stupid! go somewhere and make webs or something
Gorgon: ok!
Wraith: so what happened did it work
Kraken: no of course not wraith!
Wraith: darn it I though it would work!
to be continued

you guys can add to the story if you wanna I though it would be nice to see a funny evolve story so I made one!
or make your own stories!


There is a lot ADD in this st-



aw :frowning: I have ADD along with HDHD MDD and other things it is a bad combo :wink:


Kala: how did it go?
Cabot: it was weird the monster did even try to hurt us and no colonists were hurt either
Kala: hmm I am not sure why it would act so strange
Lazarus: then as we were leaving we saw a gorgon take the body and run
Kala: ok thank you I will try to figure this out
back at the monster house thing
Kraken: Behemoth where are you
Behemoth: I am still outside
Kraken: come here please
Behemoth: ok what do you need
Kraken: did you steal wraiths cookies again she is in her cave crying of anger
Behemoth: no I learned my leson last time when she super novaed me
Goliath: oh hey guys I am back from the void nom nom
Kraken: …
Wraith: you!
Goliath: ?
Wraith: you stole my cookies i just made those!
Goliath: oh shi-
Wraith: raaaaa!
Kraken: welp goliaths dead again
Wraith: I am going to go make a pie brb
drags goliaths dead body into the kitchen
Kraken: wraith can be so weird sometimes
Behemoth: yeah I know like when she made dinner but it was just robots and one of them called me a asshole that hurt my feelings :frowning:
Kraken: no I mean she never goes out on hunts anymore it is like she is planning something
Behemoth: you mean she is trying to figure out a way to make friends with the humans
Kraken: and I have no idea why
Meteor Goliath: hey guys I am back from the void and now I am blue :slightly_smiling:
Kraken: what the fu- how did you get a new body
Meteor: oh I was talking to turtle rock and they said something about variants and I said I would try it out so now I am blue am I cool or what
Kraken: or what
Meteor: aw


Meteor: hey kraken come look at this!
Kraken: really goliath you have resorted to reading wraiths diary?!
Meteor: yeah look here is her plan!
Kraken: when and how did she get a diary anyways?
Meteor: just shut up and look
Kraken: hold on let me find my reading glasses ah here they are! ok make friends with the humans warn them about the Patterson field tech and what it is doing if they refuse to take it down we will kill them at the right moment when they don’t expect it then we will use kala to infiltrate the base and disable the shields so we can destroy the heart of the tech we have to save this universe no matter what my son is still in here hopefully we can find him if this plan does not work and before this universe collapses I miss him
Wraith: what are you two doing?
Kraken: shit ok ok we were reading your diary which you somehow have we just wanted more info
Wraith: goliath want to help me make a pie
Meteor: please no I hate dying to you then you use my body as coal!

welp the story just got deep! who said the story had to be completely funny :wink:
I will be writing more tomorrow feel free to add to this if you want to though it may not be cannon to my story but hey maybe I can add it in somewhere as a reference that I liked your idea!


ok I said I would make more tomorrow but I just had this aching hole in my heart making me want to write more so if you like my story so far thank my heart for making me write more for you to read

Kala: Cabot I have some info but it may not make sense to you
Cabot: try me
Kala: it seems the monsters are trying to only communicate with us instead of attacking us I have no reason so far why they want too
Cabot: ok you peaked my interest you have permission to take a team to investigate this but I swear if anyone dies and this leads to no where you are not getting permission like this ever again
Kala: ok
Cabot: we need cira lennox and jack to the launch bay asap
Cira: what is it boss?
Cabot: we are sending you guys with Kala on a top secret mission
Jack: the jackel love secrets!
Lennox: what is this for?
Cabot: Kala has some leads on why the monsters have seemed to stop attacking and you are our smartest people
Cira: why jack?
Jack: Hey!
Cabot: well jack knows a lot about tech more than any other trapper so that is why
Jack: the jackel love technology!
Cira: alright Dr. Kupur what is this “lead” you have
Kala: kala please call me kala
Cira: ok Kala what is the lead
Kala: it seems the monsters want to communicate with us maybe I am not sure why though
Cira: that would explain why that goliath didn’t attack anyone
Lennox: alright lets go then
Jack: the jackel is excited for this new adventure do the monsters want to be friends? we shal find out soon!
Lennox: jack did you skip your shower again
Jack: uh-uh nuo-noo no way!
Lennox: I can smell it
Jack: come on stop acting like my mom!
Lennox: haha
Jack: what!?
Lennox: nothing
at the monster house
Wraith: success!
Kraken: what is it?
Wraith: I have finally made a monster to human translator field!
Kraken: since when did you get into science
Wraith: when you stopped working on ways to break the heart of the Patterson field’s shield
Kraken: please don’t remind me of when I was not that smart
Wraith: I think you were smarter then than now
Kraken: whatever I am going to go talk to gorgon about the webs again
Gorgon: for the last time no!

Kala: alright buys we are here! the monsters base where hundreds of monsters reside
Lennox: why have we not nuked this place yet exactly?
Ciara: simple we are to stupid to notice it was here this whole time!
Kala: no we have actually tried to bomb this place but it has some sort of barrier protecting it from not organic organisms from entering like a bomb and it would be a suicide mission to go in
Ciara: soo why are we going in?!
Kala: we aren’t they are going to come out
Jack: I can’t wait to see them up close!
Goliath: hello humans I am tom and I am a sexy and cute monster
Jack: I take back what I said!
Wraith: goliath! get out of here you are making a bad impression!
Meteor: oh can I join too?!
Wraith: both of you get out of here or I will use you both as fuel!
Meteor and goliath: eek!
Wraith: ahem hello I see you have sent the smartest hunters and that kid
Jack: hey!
Kala: what do you want to say?
Lennox: hurry up I am going to miss my show!
Caira: guys stop being rude!


I think I should bump this thread I really want to see a lot of creativity there are no restrictions and all characters even adaptions are allowed in here to make a story I really want this post to grow and have the devs see all the good stories you guys can come up with (what better way to bump this than make more or my horrible story!)

Wraith: ok so the Paterson field tech
Caira: what about it
Wraith: humans do not know how dangerous that technology is! you see the reason we came here to destroy the tech was because it was destroying out universe we had to abandon it we think if we can destroy the Paterson field it will stop consuming other dimensions universes we are only trying to set the universe right!
Caira: and why should we believe you
Wraith: I though humans followed what was right you see killing us is only letting the Paterson’s effect spread soon this universe will be consumed
Kala: no wonder when I saw your world it looked like chaos
Wraith: if we don’t stop this soon everyone will die
Lennox: how would the Paterson field do that though that is what I am wondering
Wraith: Kraken has analized it and he says that the “power” you use is coming from suns and planet cores
Lennox: I knew they were hiding something about that tech from me! alright lets get back to the ship I want all if these colonist evacuated so when we destroy those drives no one will get hurt
Wraith: we can help you build the ships well Goliath and behemoth can
Lennox: ok kala you help go with the monster and help translate as there is only one translator here and wraith will be using it to have a word with the other colony leaders
Kala: alright but wraith do you by any chance have a cure for this disease?
wraith: I only know one monster who knows all about that stuff and we need to find him if we wanna be able to stop the Paterson field from spreading while we destroy the tech
Lennox: where is he?
Wraith: I am not sure he has been missing for a long time and mama wants him home again
Lennox: ok we can have Cabot take the ship to find him
Wraith: no he will not trust you the last time I saw him he though you were the enemy I must go

ok the big reveal will be next who is wraiths son?! well I know but I need to find a way to get wraith in space to find him so that will be coming soon


Ok I just want to finish off this bad story so I can start a better one (I hate not finishing stories as I hate cliffhangers) sorry for the wait

Cabot: so the Paterson tech is destroying the universe huh never knew that
Kala: and we need to stop this
Cabot: but how are we going to get the other colonies to destroy theirs?
Kala: does this ship have a hyper dive?
Cabot: yes why
Kala: we need to show them evidence that is the only way they will believe us
Cabot: god I hate the way you think but you are right
The ship was halfway there when they got a mysterious transmission
???: you must leave now this is a restricted zone no one is allowed
Cabot: we need to get some pictures that is all we mean no harm
Kala: they won’t understand you
Cabot: why?
Kala: they may speak our language but they do not understand it
Kala: here Nashitactha matrica
???: clocana mtrica
Kala: he still does not want us in
Cabot: ok tell him we are here to stop the paterson field effect
Kala: natitcs paterson field mactia
???: mtiractha nostica
Kala: he said come in

Lennox: where are we anyways
Wraith: I told you left at the last planet you went right
Lennox: oh shit sorry
Wraith: I wish I could control the ship but these controls are so primitive
Cabot: Lennox are---- we are----- don’t----- we will------- soon
Lennox: why didn’t you tell me the Paterson Field would effect coms?
Wraith: I had no idea it did sorry
Lennox: alright I think we are here
Wraith: yes this is where our world was before the Paterson field reached us
Lennox: where is it now?
Wraith: it is in another dimension and judging by Kala that dimension is chaotic
???: this is a restricted zone no one is allowed
Wraith: that must be him it sound like him!
Son?: leave now or face destruction
Wraith: son is that you lennox let me out of the ship!
Lennox: ok no shouting please this suit makes noise very loud and my ears are bleeding
as wraith approached the being it was a familiar look her son was a Kraken it looks like a Kraken but it was different at the same time
Son?: Mother?
Wraith: what happened to you! I missed you so much!
SON!: I was lost in space and ended up here but some bubble surrounded me and now I am stuck here
Wraith: ok me and lennox will figure out how to break it
SON!: wait the hunters are here!
Wraith: yes but before you get upset they are now helping us destroy the Paterson Field
SON!: oh ok just don’t touch the bubble or you will get stuck in here too
Wraith: what hold on I am trying to pop the bubble with the ship
SON!: no stop!
Wraith and Lennox: well shit
now that they have a better look her son only has one blue eye and fins and spike and a lot of other terrifying things space will make you look like


ok here is the end

Kala And Cabot moved closer too what looked like a bubble and entered it
Lennox: yes! my theory worked! if the bubble has too much density it should pop and it did!
Kala: we were looking all over for you guys
Cabot: why didn’t you respond to us when we tried to talk
Elder Kraken: the Paterson Field messes with coms that is why
I am not a abomination: I am Elder Kraken Wraiths son
Cabot that was rude: wow how did you become a hellspawn?
Hellspawn: I am not a hellspawn
Cabot: oh ok well lets get to getting the other colonies to destroy those Paterson Field’s
Elder Kraken: lets go

after evacuating the planet they reached the other colonies to ask them to evacuate and destroy their Paterson fields
Colony 9: what why!
Mr. Know it all: it is the cause of the monsters coming to our colonies that is why they aimed for it
Colony 9: show me proof
Cabot: Kraken if you please
Elder Kraken: well I have the entire thing documented and it is coming your way now in the form of a E-mail or whatever you call it
Lennox: it is a very brutal form of the universe making itself right and judging by the trajectory your planet is next so I suggest
Lennox: good
the other colonys did the same and the monster world returned and everyone lived happily ever fucking after

Wow not that the bad story is out of the way I can work on a better one but before that I want to see your storys I love reading all of the stuff matt wrote and I want to see what you guys can come up with


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