Story only available to hunter players


So, I was thinking about the story and how it gets told, and came to realize that you only ever get parts of the story through the dialogues of the hunters in game. That’s a nice way to get it in, but what about those of us who play Monster almost exclusively? Can we get some more story put into the monster side, maybe through the scenery and possible interactions with minions?

Here’s a video from my favorite guys over at Extra Credits, on how it actually IS possible to tell a story and create engagement without ever speaking a word.


To be fair, Hunters are 50% of the game. To say that there isn’t story because you only play monster is a bit… short sighted.


Not to mention, the Monster side is intentionally mysterious.

We’re not supposed to know much/any backstory to the monsters.

The hunter story makes that quite clear.

Having a monster story would… ruin that.


My Monster story is I wake up, eat a bunch of people trying to prevent me from going to work. Then I sometimes have to babysit and other times have to chase people off my lawn. It’s exhausting and banal.


I cannot love this enough. However I do agree in the Monsters’ being more mysterious.

It would be cool to see people amongst the wildlife (and not survivors) who react to the Monster or can be snuck up on as Monster to overhear some lore tiddlybits.


Basically monster story is this: Griffin the home invader breaks into Daddy Goliaths home. Tastes daddy goliath and mummy goliaths porridge, both taste terrible. He then eats baby goliaths Heinz baby food and all of the farleys rusks, so baby goliath will not stfu crying and keeps daddy up all night.

The pissed off daddy goliath forms neighbourhood watch with neighbours wraith and kraken and Griffin the home invader goes back to his gang kingpin Cabot, informing him of the location of the neighbourhood so that Cabot can send his rag tag squads of rapscallions to burglarize them when the monsters are at work.


Playing the hunter side, you get a dialogue between some of the hunters describing their observations about how the monsters you get to play evolve so fast, and that it’s pretty clear that they weren’t the ones who laid the eggs. I was thinking it would be pretty sweet to have a map where there’s an area like a cave or alcove or whatever, where there’s clear signs of a massive creature recently living there, with hatched eggs and food around. Show somewhere that the monster can see that there is a mother roaming around somewhere. Give the monster something to look at and wonder why they exist in the first place.


At no point did I say that there isn’t any story. My whole point is that the story is only available to the hunters, and that there should be plenty of creative ways to inject story elements to the monster side even though there’s no words there.


During Defend on evacuation, do a 180 as a monster the moment you spawn in.

There’s your story.

I like to think of it a bit like Pacific Rim. Do you think the Kaiju know what they’re doing? do you think they’re born with anything in their heads besides “Kill humans”? I like to imagine it’s the same with the Monsters.


Except you don’t chase them off your lawn- you force them to try and escape your lawn but you hunt them down and brutally murder and feast on the corpses of them and their would-be rescuers. And when you babysit you’re actually forcing the babies to lock themselves in mortal combat with a superior adversary just to help you protect the other babies. And all you want is for one baby to survive.

But yes, it’s exhausting. If this is what being a mother will be like…


Meh? Two of the maps are just broken doors with debris clogging the way back, and the other two are just walls with no indication of how you go there. What story does that say?

Sure, I imagine that the monsters you play have very little beyond violence, but why does the player have to play that way? Why does the player have to think that way?


lightning striking a cesspool creating bubbles (the first cells) and evolution takes it from there.


In the final fight for the planet where there’s already a stage 3 monster? Yeah, I think you’re going a long ways back for the story. Besides, even if we assume that evolution is happening at a crazy rate on this planet, if the monsters are evolving that quickly from said cesspool, we’d see far more variety. You’re going way back in the evolution tree, all the way to the roots; you’re going to see far more branches being expressed than just the 3-4 apex predators that we can play, and the 20 or so large inhabitants otherwise.

If you call for it being a game and we can’t feasibly represent all the possible branches, then why have the story go that far back in the evolution tree in the first place? It’s not intuitive, and there would be far better ways to include story.


you took me too serious…




Eat, sleep, kill, repeat…


In a dlc with more maps they should put in more story and cut scenes some of the cut scenes look really nice right now but a story one would be better


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Yup, all the backstory I need for monster side.