Story Mode? DLC? Bug? Thoughts from an Early Alpha Player of Evolve


So I’ll start off by saying that I was a firm believer of Evolve back in late 2014 or so when I first heard about the game, and I played from the alpha to the beta to a solid 100+ hours after its release for the next two months, yet the more I played the more I noticed many large issues that plagued the game, namely being balancing issues and a lack of content if you’re not willing to fork over the cash for it.
The game was a pretty fun game that I was forced to keep plugging more dosh into if I wanted to get the full experience, and watching other people play all of the interesting personalities that came in the S2 pack (I left long before S3) kind of made me sad in a way, felt like I was left out because of the Shear amount of DLC shilling the game did.
Along with the dying player base and numerous optimisation problems, I had no real choice but to put this game down, uninstall it off of Steam sometime around June of 2015 and not come back.
So I find it a massive shock to come back to this game now, over a year later, to this game I once loved so blindly and wide eyed when I first laid my hands on it.
Playing just a few hours of the new and improved F2P version of Evolve, I feel like a great many of the issues I once had with the game were ironed out. The superfluous modes that were practically Hunt anyway are gone, the emphasis was placed squarely on Hunt for the time being, I see more varied team compositions than before (back when I played, Hank-Caira-Hyde-Abe was the only comp I ever really saw), the redesigned maps have subtle changes that are all for the better so far as I’ve seen.
The new UI and graphical changes make the game look nicer to me, and the addition of damage indicators, AOE radials for monster attacks, the Daily Rewards and VS. intro screens all give the game an added arcade-y feel, a feel that makes the game feel like fun. And that was a feeling that that I stopped getting from this game last year, and to come back to it again and feel the magic as the Turtle Rock letter stated is unreal.
I don’t know if the devs are going to read this post all the way through, but I just wanted to say thank you. The game had its flaws and yeah, maybe we all bitched and shit on the game a bit too hard from time to time, even I’m guilty of that. But the fact that you guys took it on the chin and listened to the feedback and improved upon it in such a way makes me respect you guys a hell of a lot more, and I’m glad to feel the magic that this game once had to offer again.

Now with the sugary thank you letter out of the way, I just had a couple questions I would like to ask in regards to the games future.

-Some of my favourite maps like Aviary and The Dam are missing from the Open beta, I was wondering if these maps would be made available down the line, or any of the others from the previous incarnation of the game.

-Does the dev team plan on creating new maps or simply redesigning the old ones? And how many old ones are going to be redesigned/are on the chopping block?

-Are there any new Hunters in the works?

-Will you be renaming the Trapper class to Tracker, or something of that ilk, as trapping the Monster is a burden no longer shouldered by one team member. (The new Mobile Arena system is a GOD DAMN blessing, by the way.)

-Will there be any sort of DLC for the game down the line, despite the backlash from Evolve (Stage 1 I guess we shall refer to it as)'s DLC plan?

-My biggest question at this point is if there will be any sort of Story based mode implemented in the game, because one of my favourite parts of Evolve Stage 1 was the personality and unique variety of characters in the game, and even reading the short stories written about them were a blast, and my biggest complaint was that no sort of story mode existed in the game. I guess if I were going to suggest something, it would be teams of 1-4 working together on certain missions and just exploring the relationships through combining different characters on the team.

I know a bunch of these questions might be unanswerable or a bit much to ask of the team in such an early point of the E2 open beta, but any sort of response at all would be absolutely appreciated.

Lastly, I noticed a bug that might not affect other players, but when I switch weapons with Val and aim down the sights too fast, the gun model doesn’t appear and it kind of screws with me for a second, and it’s made me miss a crucial shot or two during gameplay. If that would be addressed, I’d be most appreciative.

Anyway, sorry for the very long winded topic, I hope the dev team and any other players for that matter can share their experiences, and I hope to have great discussions concerning the game and its future!

Welcome back to Shear.


All we know as of now are the 4 current maps. I don’t think all maps are gonna get huge revamps, but I’d expect to see all maps comeback a bit polished.

As off now, I don’t think they have any new maps are in the works.

A T6 will depend on the success of Stage 2. Although, T1-3 adaptations have been confirmed. I think T4 too, but I can’t recall.

I’m not sure on this one. I guess it does kind of make sense.

Also not sure, except for T6 possibility.

Evacuation was kind of the story mode. I don’t think they have plans for this though.



As far as maps I heard that more will be released it’s just that the others haven’t been changed enough to be balanced for release, but they will return. As far as DLC I have heard that founders will get new DLC free while non-founders will need to buy it with silver keys (the new in game currency which you probably already know of). Big updates are thought to be bi-weekly and smaller in the between weeks. If you want my source it is GrizzleMarine on YouTube.


You beat me to the replies…dang


Just wanted to say that T4/T5 adaptations confirmed.