Story Mode and PC/Xbox-One/PS4 Cross-console play?


Hi everyone! I just thought I might make a suggestion and hear what people have to say. So I think that it would be really cool for Evolve to have an actual campaign or story mode. I know that there is official fiction, but I think it would be cool if they had a story mode as well (maybe similar to L4D). I just would like some more lore, because I think that it’s all super interesting.

Also, I think that it would be cool to have cross-console play so that it would be easier to find matches. I play on PC, but I have a hard time finding matches. I’m not sure how cross-console play works, and I’m not even sure that that’s even a thing, but I just thought I might throw some ideas out.


Won’t be a story mode. Would require far too many resources and I think there will be a fair share of people who would much rather that time and money went into making the multiplayer better.

Cross platform unlikely to happen. It’s been talked about before so have a search for the thread but would probably take up too many resources to do and then there would be console vs pc balance issues.


Left 4 Dead didn’t have a story mode either. They told the story the same exact way.


There is lots of lore already in evolve based off dialogue. A story mode is just the easy way out from putting the pieces together. I would also like a campaign but that’s more of a separate game, since this one is MP based.


I think that people would love some short form story mode, anything to give Matthew more opportunity to expand out this universe. That said, I wouldn’t expect it to happen. Like you say, more lore would be awesome :slight_smile:

Last we heard there were no plans for cross-platform play, it may change in the future but again… not likely.