Story book


It be awesome instead of a Campaign mode the resources could be used for a Story book. NOTHING too long just maybe character bios and animal information with a little explanation of the conflict. Something like video games Used to have in the 4-6 generations.


Back when gaming was all about what was released on Day one rather than Monthly, weekly updates that they can fix problems later down the line.

I agree though… At least some character development wouldn’t go a miss past the VO lines on the ship or a further understanding of what is actually happening!


We already have something better.


And now you’re a flower…nice.


And a majestic flower at that good sir


We do have a character lore on here


Where!? And i want a reason to buy a disk , i feel like im gettn less and less for my 60 smh


@Plaff or @Matthew should be able to direct you but in case they’re busy give me a sec I’ll try to find it



Cool ill have something to do lol