"Stories of Shear" in Co-Op main menu


Maybe in the future … when you click “Co-Op” you get a choice between “Co-Op Hunt” and “Stories of Shear” (Deepest Dark, other special Co-Op Mini Campaigns).

This wouldn’t be too different to the menu implementation for choosing “Monster” or “Hunter” in “Hunt Beta” mode and would increase the appearance of the game having more content and would also allow people to choose directly if they want to do Deepest Dark.

It would also stop the sense of irritation when getting Trapper only to realize you are going into a map without Planet Scanner.


I was expecting a Telltale version when you said story, lol.


Well I guess since it appears the concept of Deepest Dark and possibly the other Campaign missions is to sort of bring back Legacy (no Planet Scanner, dark atmosphere)…

I guess the sub-menu selection category can be named “Legacy of Shear” instead of “Stories of Shear”. :slight_smile: